Dana Yzabel Divinagracia

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Dana Yzabel Divinagracia
Dana Yzabel Divinagracia (2019)
First Name Dana Yzabel
Middle Name **
Last Name Divinagracia
Nickname Yzabel
Birth Info
Birthdate September 2, 2001  
Hometown Flag of Philippines.png Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Blood type **
Current Age 20 Years Old
Nationality Filipino
Height 160cm
Professional Info
Agency Hallohallo Entertainment Inc.
Social Networks Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / Spotify
Idol Career Info
Group MNL48
Team Team MII
Debuted March, 2019 / 2nd Generation

Dana Yzabel Divinagracia is a member of MNL48's Team MII. She is also a member of the Game Senbatsu.


I'm Yzabel, the moonlight of MNL48.





MNL48 Senbatsu Election

Team History

MNL48 TraineeTeam MII
Joined MNL48 as a Trainee on March 25, 2019
Promoted to Team MII on May 2, 2019

Singles Participation

MNL48 A-Sides

MNL48 B-Sides

Other Singles


Stage Units

MNL1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Hoshi no Ondo

Concert Units

MNL48 2nd Generation Members Team Concert: No To Oshihen!

Media Appearances

TV Shows

  • ASAP (2019)
  • iWant ASAP (2019)
  • Magandang Buhay (2020)

Radio Shows

  • Star FM Exclusive (2020)



  • Name in Japanese: ダナ・イザベル・ヂヴィナグラシア
  • Nickname in Japanese: イザベル
  • Favorite anime: School-Live!
  • Hobbies: Reading, watching, learning peculiar things
  • Favorite food: Cotton candy, marshmallows, soft cookies, strawberries, mangos, cakes, asari butter, cold champorado, salmon sashimi
  • Favorite TV Shows: My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Summer Camp Island, Steven Universe, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, Pingu, Peppa Pig, The Haunting of Hill House
  • Favorite movies: The Witch, IT (original and remake), Cannibal Holocaust, Hereditary, You're Next, Funny Games
  • Favorite member: Alice Margarita De Leon
  • Before graduation, wants to center Flying Get and Warota People. Neither song has been released by MNL48 yet.
  • Used to be left-handed.
  • Sleeps like a log.
  • Creates and conceptualizes her own cosplays.
  • Loves cats.
  • Really good at being a support in games.
  • Failed MNL48's 1st Generation auditions.
  • Part of the unofficial unit Orion with Miho Hoshino and Klaire Presno.
  • She has skin asthma and has very sensitive skin, and the only time she covers it with make-up is during events. She wants her skin to breath and let it heal naturally.
  • Is pansexual.
  • Considers herself her own favorite artist, her own biggest strength, her own biggest weakness and her own biggest fear.
  • She studied Muay Thai.


Dana Yzabel Divinagracia MNL48 2nd General Election Poster (2019)
Dana Yzabel Divinagracia (2019)



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