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Sakamichi Kenshusei

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Sakamichi Kenshusei (坂道研修生) is the group designation for the final members who had passed the Sakamichi Joint Auditions held during the summer of 2018 but had not been assigned to Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, or Hinatazaka46 by the end of 2018. They were introduced officially on September 7, 2019.

Jyuuni Fukujin

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Jyuuni Fukujin (十二福神) describes the front members from Nogizaka46. They are often just called "Fukujin". It is a similar concept to AKB48's Kami 7. Unlike AKB's Kami 7 though, the Fukujin are different for each single. It is decided entirely by management, since there is no Senbatsu Election held in Nogizaka46.

Sakura Eight

Sakura Eight (櫻エイト Sakura eito) describes the front members from Sakurazaka46, 3 members in the first row and 5 members in the second row will be on all the b-sides.