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2016 Senbatsu Election Predictions/Hopes/Dreams & Etc

Discussion in 'General AKB48 Discussion' started by oscar6262, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. souchan48

    souchan48 Future Girls

    Feb 8, 2013
    Oshimen: Amami Yuki
    i wonder abt that part too. how do u know that? :eek:. no wonder she drops a lot. why thou?
  2. EinhanderX

    EinhanderX Next Girls

    Jun 2, 2015
    Guess I'm one of the lucky few to know this phenomenon earlier, since one of my SKE friend admitted his (oshihenning) few months ago.
    Did ask him the reason why. His answer...."why not?".

    And then we talked about other things. Oh well...:^^;:
  3. Kawamoto Chiyo

    Kawamoto Chiyo Kenkyuusei

    May 6, 2015
    being kabedoned by Momoka
    I want Miichan to rank higher, since she's a first generation she totally deserves it.

    And I hope Yukirin does not place in Kami-7. /oops (I really don't like her.)

    I want Mayuyu to steal back her no. 1 spot. Sasshi annoys me a lot.

    Also, I want Maachun to rank.

    (Annin Kami-7 would be sooo cool but that's definitely a dream.)

    If Momoka was into general elections, then I'd obviously want her to rank, but she's not, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    OH, also, I hope Okada Nana does well. And Yamaguchi Maho is the highest-ranked NGT member.
  4. trxsh

    trxsh Member

    Nov 9, 2014
    I guess I make it sound worse than it is (for drama lol) but apparently she did went on a radio show a few months ago and cried about seeing some of her fans in Souda's lane :/
  5. Arbios

    Arbios Future Girls

    Jan 7, 2016
    Komiyama Haruka
    really hoping my oshimen Tano Yuka is on Undergirls this year because for 4 years in a row she's been stuck on Next Girls
  6. keRa

    keRa Kenkyuusei

    Sep 1, 2015
    hehes seeing quite a few ppl hoping for naachan to be higher than kojimako/get into senbatsu~ >////< ureshikatta~ but honestly she's been rather popular currently, so i really think she has a shot at senbatsu this sousenkyou but prob only low senbatsu ><
  7. air

    air Kenkyuusei

    Feb 2, 2016
    I hope:

    Either Yukirin or Mayuyu takes number one

    Kojimako makes senbatsu

    Sayanee and Jurina continue to rank higher than Sakuratan

    Yuihan and Paruru make it into kami 7

    My prediction (simply looking at 6th and 7th senbatsu votes):

    1. Sasshi
    2. Mayuyu
    3. Yukirin
    4. Sayanee
    5. Sakura
    6. Jurina
    7. Yuihan/Kitarie

    Mayuyu | Yukirin | Sayanee | Renachan | Ricchan |
  8. MocchiMooch

    MocchiMooch Kenkyuusei

    Apr 9, 2014
    Lexington, Kentucky
    My big guess is that Mayu and Paruru will decrease a bit. Sakura, Jurina, and Sayanee are gonna overtake them, for sure.

    That's assuming that Mayu will even enter. I could see her pulling something like "I've reached the point that made my dream come true, so I'll let the young girls fight it out".

    With Takamina and Sae gone.. and Nyan possibly not running if she repeats last year... senbatsu could be pretty interesting.

    I just don't know how to predict the SKE girls. Kao, Tani, Aya, and Dasu are such wild cards. Tomu is in the same boat.

    I do think we can count on Haruppi making senbatsu this year, though. WIthout a doubt. Meanwhile, we can also bank on a Sasshi win. Looking at last year's vote total, she's a definitive lock for #1 if she enters this year. Boring af....but whatever.
  9. edisonaguilar

    edisonaguilar Kenkyuusei

    Jan 28, 2014
    Manila, Philippines
    Hopes & Dreams:
    - Sakura ranks higher (#6-4, #1-3 is a bit of a stretch imo, but if it happens, :1st:)
    - Paruru returns into Kami-7 or higher :)
    - Renacchi entering Senbatsu (or at least Top Undergirls #17-21) :cute:
    - Mion entering Undergirls :drool:
    - Yuihan ranking in the single-digit Senbatsu (#9 or higher) :D

    But even though this are only hopes, I could actually see these all happening (except for the :1st:[hehe], so I also name them my predictions. :p
  10. Miyaku

    Miyaku Kenkyuusei

    Feb 20, 2015
    -Yuihan into kami-7 or at least ranked in the single-digits
    -Murashige, Chiyori and Rara ranks
    -Yuria does not drop votes and Marika does not drop ranks
    -Haruppi into senbatsu
    -Someone break the top3 wall

    Wild senbatsu prediction:
    1.Sashihara Rino
    2.Watanabe Mayu
    3.Kashiwagi Yuki
    4.Yamamoto Sayaka
    5.Matsui Jurina
    6.Miyawaki Sakura
    7.Watanabe Miyuki
    8.Yokoyama Yui
    9.Shimazaki Haruka
    10.Matsumura Kaori
    11.Kitahara Rie
    12.Suda Akari
    13.Kodama Haruka
    14.Shibata Aya
    15.Minegishi Minami
    16.Oya Masana
  11. runrunrun

    runrunrun Kenkyuusei

    Feb 18, 2016
    1. Sashihara Rino (HKT48)
    2. Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48)
    3. Matsui Jurina (SKE48)
    4. Yamamoto Sayaka (NMB48)
    5. Watanabe Mayu (AKB48)
    6. Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48)
    7. Shimazaki Haruka (AKB48)
    8. Kitahara Rie (NGT48)
    9. Yokoyama Yui (AKB48)
    10. Matsumura Kaori (SKE48)
    11. Kodama Haruka (HKT48)
    12. Watanabe Miyuki (NMB48)
    13. Shibata Aya (SKE48)
    14. Muto Tomu (AKB48)
    15. Iriyama Anna (AKB48)
    16. Oya Masana (SKE48)
    song style: KFC number 4 :DD

    song style:
    basically happy-idol-song, colorful outfits and sets, genki dancing :D
    17. Tomonaga Mio (HKT48)
    18. Furuhata Nao (SKE48)
    19. Tani Marika (SKE48)
    20. Suda Akari (SKE48)
    21. Kizaki Yuria (AKB48)
    22. Okada Nana (AKB48)
    23. Kojima Mako (AKB48)
    24. Kato Rena (AKB48)
    25. Kojina Yui (HKT48)
    26. Tashima Meru (HKT48)
    27. Mukaichi Mion (AKB48)
    28. Obata Yuna (SKE48) (NEW)
    29. Miyamae Ami (SKE48)
    30. Shiroma Miru (NMB48)
    31. Anai Chihiro (HKT48)
    32. Jonishi Kei (NMB48)

    song style:
    the pv will have alot of shots of members sitting or just staring at the camera, black concept.
    33. Yagura Fuuko (NMB48)
    34. Moriyasu Madoka (HKT48)
    35. Futamura Haruka (SKE48)
    36. Kitagawa Ryoha (SKE48)
    37. Sakaguchi Riko (HKT48)
    38. Akiyoshi Yuka (HKT48) (NEW)
    39. Ota Aika (HKT48)
    40. Saito Makiko (SKE48)
    41. Fujie Reina (NMB48)
    42. Owada Nana (AKB48)
    43. Tano Yuka (AKB48)
    44. Fuchigami Mai (HKT48)
    45. Souda Sarina (SKE48)
    46. Azuma Rion (SKE48)
    47. Yabushita Shu (NMB48)
    48. Nishino Miki (AKB48) (NEW)

    song style:
    this unit will focus on dancing, Top 3 will get the most of screen time.
    49. Kumazaki Haruka (SKE48)
    50. Kato Minami (NGT48) (NEW)
    51. Ueki Nao (HKT48)
    52. Ego Yuna (SKE48) (NEW)
    53. Sato Sumire (SKE48)
    54. Shibuya Nagisa (NMB48)
    55. Omori Miyu (AKB48)
    56. Sasaki Yukari (AKB48)
    57. Kawamoto Saya (AKB48) (NEW)
    58. Murashige Anna (HKT48) (NEW)
    59. Tanaka Miku (HKT48) (NEW)
    60. Kamata Natsuki (SKE48)
    61. Sakaguchi Nagisa (AKB48) (NEW)
    62. Ota Yuuri (NMB48) (NEW)
    63. Yoshida Akari (NMB48)
    64. Kitano Ruka (SKE48) (NEW)

    Upcoming girls
    song style:
    because there is alot of young and new members here, give them sexy concept will make people more interested and talk about them :blush:
    65. Oguri Yui (AKB48) (NEW)
    66. Hidaka Yuzuki (SKE48) (NEW)
    67. Komiyama Haruka (AKB48) (NEW)
    68. Nakanishi Chiyori (AKB48) (NEW)
    69. Tanigawa Airi (NMB48)
    70. Shinozaki Ayana (AKB48)
    71. Shirai Kotono (SKE48) (NEW)
    72. Nakano Ikumi (AKB48) (NEW)
    73. Motomura Aoi (HKT48)
    74. Aramaki Misaki (HKT48) (NEW)
    75. Yamauchi Suzuran (SKE48)
    76. Takeuchi Saki (SKE48) (NEW)
    77. Mogi Shinobu (AKB48)
    78. Oya shizuka (AKB48) (NEW)
    79. Yamaguchi Maho (NGT48) (NEW)
    80. Yamada Nanami (AKB48) (NEW)

    Takayanagi Akane, Oba Mina & Minegeshi Minami won't join this year.
  12. SaltXcSS

    SaltXcSS Kenkyuusei Studio48 Contributor

    Jan 25, 2013
    More Predictions (I used the 100 member format that I predicted... 80 + 20 = 100):

    OUT (23):
    4. Takahashi Minami (G)
    8. Miyazawa Sae (G)
    12. Watanabe Miyuki (NP)
    13. Matsumura Kaori (NP)
    20. Oya Masana (NP)
    27. Oba Mina (NP)
    30. Takajo Aki (G)
    39. Uchiyama Natsuki (G)
    42. Okada Kanna (G)
    53. Isohara Kyoka (G)
    54. Kotani Riho (G)
    56. Umeda Ayaka (G)
    62. Kato Rumi (NP)
    65. Saito Makiko (NP)
    67. Omori Miyuu (NP)
    68. Umemoto Madoka (G)
    69. Nagao Mariya (G)
    70. Kamata Natsuki (NR)
    71. Ishida Haruka (NP)
    76. Takeuchi Mai (NR)
    77. Ishida Anna (NR)
    78. Shinozaki Ayana (NR)
    80. Motomura Aoi (NR)
    G = Will not participate because they're graduating or they already graduated
    NR = Will not rank
    NP = Will not participate

    IN (23 + 20 = 43):
    AKB48 Team A (11): Iriyama Anna*, Oya Shizuka*, Ogasawara Mayu*, Kojima Natsuki, Kojima Haruna*, Taniguchi Megu, Nakanishi Chiyori, Hirata Rina, Hiwatashi Yui, Maeda Ami*, Miyazaki Miho*
    AKB48 Team K (2): Abe Maria, Fujita Nana
    AKB48 Team B (3): Oshima Ryoka*, Goto Moe, Fukuoka Seina
    AKB48 Team 4 (5): Iwatate Saho*, Kawamoto Saya, Komiyama Haruka, Nishino Miki*, Murayama Yuiri
    AKB48 Team 8 (2): Sato Nanami, Nakano Ikumi
    AKB48 Kenkyuusei (1): Nomura Nao
    SKE48 Team KII (2): Ego Yuna, Obata Yuna
    SKE48 Team E (2): Goto Rara, Sakai Mei
    NMB48 Team N (3): Ota Yuuri, Jo Eriko, Sutou Ririka
    NMB48 Team M (4): Uemura Azusa, Okita Ayaka, Kushiro Rina, Murase Sae
    NMB48 Team BII (2): Kusaka Konomi, Naiki Kokoro
    HKT48 Team H (3): Akiyoshi Yuka, Tanaka Natsumi, Yabuki Nako
    HKT48 Team KIV (1): Murashige Anna*
    NGT48 Team NIII (1): Yamaguchi Maho (Sakura all over again)
    * = re-entry

    Full List:

    1. Kashiwagi Yuki (+1) - Senbatsu Center - also achieves 200,000+ votes
    2. Watanabe Mayu (+1)
    3. Matsui Jurina (+2)
    4. Sashihara Rino (-3)
    5. Shimazaki Haruka (+4)
    6. Yamamoto Sayaka (=)
    7. Miyawaki Sakura (=)
    8. Kitahara Rie (+3)
    9. Yokoyama Yui (+1)
    10. Kojima Haruna (NEW)
    11. Takayanagi Akane (+3)
    12. Kodama Haruka (+5)
    13. Mutou Tomu (+3)
    14. Suda Akari (+4)
    15. Shibata Aya (=)
    16. Tani Marika (+7)
    17. Minegishi Minami (+2)
    18. Furuhata Nao (+6)
    19. Kizaki Yuria (+3)
    20. Takahashi Juri (+6)
    21. Kato Rena (+7) - Jisedai Center
    22. Mukaichi Mion (+22)
    23. Tomonaga Mio (-2)
    24. Iriyama Anna (NEW)
    25. Shiroma Miru (+9)
    26. Kojima Mako (=)
    27. Okada Nana (+2)
    28. Tashima Meru (+4)
    29. Goto Rara (NEW)
    30. Yagura Fuuko (+10)
    31. Oba Mina (-4)
    32. Fujie Reina (+3)
    33. Moriyasu Madoka (+10)
    34. Kojina Yui (+12)
    35. Komiyama Haruka (NEW)
    36. Shibuya Nagisa (+22)
    37. Sakaguchi Riko (=)
    38. Tano Yuka (+9)
    39. Taniguchi Megu (NEW)
    40. Owada Nana (+35)
    41. Kimoto Kanon (+7) - Miraisedai Center
    42. Ota Aika (-1)
    43. Soda Sarina (+12)
    44. Mogi Shinobu (+13)
    45. Jonishi Kei (-9)
    46. Azuma Rion (+15)
    47. Kitagawa Ryoha (+19)
    48. Ego Yuna (NEW)
    49. Kawamoto Saya (NEW)
    50. Yabushita Shu (+10)
    51. Kato Yuuka (+8)
    52. Ota Yuuri (NEW)
    53. Fuchigami Mai (-22)
    54. Uemura Azusa (NEW)
    55. Kusaka Konomi (NEW)
    56. Murayama Yuiri (NEW)
    57. Obata Yuna (NEW)
    58. Sato Sumire (-9)
    59. Sutou Ririka (NEW)
    60. Oshima Ryoka (NEW)
    61. Yoshida Akari (+3) - Kongosedai Center
    62. Kumazaki Haruka (+10)
    63. Murase Sae (NEW)
    64. Matsuoka Natsumi (-13)
    65. Futamura Haruka (-27)
    66. Goto Moe (NEW)
    67. Hiwatashi Yui (NEW)
    68. Okita Ayaka (NEW)
    69. Kojima Natsuki (NEW)
    70. Sakai Mei (NEW)
    71. Maeda Ami (NEW)
    72. Nishino Miki (NEW)
    73. Miyamae Ami (-28)
    74. Shinozaki Ayana (+4)
    75. Sato Nanami (NEW)
    76. Iwatate Saho (NEW)
    77. Murashige Anna (NEW)
    78. Tanaka Natsumi (NEW)
    79. Yamaguchi Maho (NEW)
    80. Yabuki Nako (NEW)
    81. Nomura Nao (NEW) - Shinseisedai Center
    82. Ueki Nao (-10)
    83. Sasaki Yukari (-33)
    84. Fukuoka Seina (NEW)
    85. Yamauchi Suzuran (-22)
    86. Goto Risako (-34)
    87. Akiyoshi Yuka (NEW)
    88. Miyazaki Miho (NEW)
    89. Nakano Ikumi (NEW)
    90. Tanigawa Airi (-16)
    91. Abe Maria (NEW)
    92. Nakanishi Chiyori (NEW)
    93. Ogasawara Mayu (NEW)
    94. Naiki Kokoro (NEW)
    95. Jo Eriko (NEW)
    96. Hirata Rina (NEW)
    97. Kushiro Rina (NEW)
    98. Ichikawa Miori (-19)
    99. Oya Shizuka (NEW)
    100. Fujita Nana (NEW)
    Obviously, there are surprise jumps everywhere, but that's what seems to happen on all the elections
    Last edited: Feb 29, 2016
  13. Ugokanaide

    Ugokanaide Member Wiki48 Editor

    Nov 19, 2013
    SP, BR
    Moriyasu Madoka
    I'm gonna guess where HKT members will rank.

    Sashihara #1, Sakura (K7), Haruppi

    Mio, Meru, Chiichan, Rikoppi

    Next Girls
    Moriyasu, Jiina, Natsu, Harutan, Lovetan (Strong feeling that Ota won't apply tho)

    Future Girls
    Boss, Nako, Miku, Aoi, Shinamon

    Upcoming Girls
    Maichan, Nao, Yukachan, Shige, Tiffany (These are pretty much just hopes)
  14. x_AozoraKataomoi_x

    x_AozoraKataomoi_x Member

    Oct 4, 2014
  15. fatrain

    fatrain Under Girls

    Jun 15, 2014
  16. MocchiMooch

    MocchiMooch Kenkyuusei

    Apr 9, 2014
    Lexington, Kentucky
    I'm also kinda banking on Tani making senbatsu. But then again, it's hard to predict when you have a member who's experiencing their second time ranking. Last year could've been a fluke.. or... she'll dominate senbatsu :p Which I'm hoping for.

    I would imagine Renacchi and Mio in an intense fight to break into senbatsu versus centering the undergirls. Haruppi will make senbatsu, and Tomu will fall.

    But we shall see. Less than four months away! <3
  17. Jurinavenclaw

    Jurinavenclaw Future Girls

    Dec 25, 2010
    Laguna, Philippines
    Matsui Jurina
    I honestly hope Muto stays and even rank higher in senbatsu.

    I don't get why management can't push an AKB member who just needs a few more push to be an AKB rep in senbatsu.
  18. STS

    STS Future Girls

    Jun 27, 2014
    pleaseee Nogi and Keyaki participation in sousenkyo :cute::cute::cute:
  19. Trinu

    Trinu Under Girls

    Jul 30, 2010
    They can make their own if they want.

    I want Tomu to rank higher.
    A bit less of SKE in senbatsu (hopefully a bunch of them won't participate).
    Haruppi... I kinda want her to rank in, I kinda want her to drop, just for the drama.

    I hope Annin participates tbh. I understand she might feel like she's asking "too much" from her fans when she can't really meet them in HS and whatnot, but I'm sure she'd rank straight into senbatsu this time around.
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  20. STS

    STS Future Girls

    Jun 27, 2014
    Why? :hmm:
    will be soooo sorry the next generation, but no matter how sorry us our oshimen. AKB must always be strong.
    (I feel that I made a mistake in grammar)

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