Alycia Ferryana

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Alycia Ferryana
Alycia Ferryana (Late 2014)
Birth Info
Birthdate May 22, 1998
Birthplace Flag of Indonesia.png Jakarta, Indonesia
Bloodtype B
Current Age 21 Years Old
Height 150cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Instagram / Twitter
Idol Career Info
Former Group JKT48
Former Team Kenkyuusei
Debuted March, 2014 / 3rd Generation
Graduated February, 2016

Alycia Ferryana was a JKT48 Research Student. She is now a member of Twenty Nine Teens (an Indonesian idol group).


Seperti anak burung yang selalu berusaha terbang tinggi dengan indah. Hallo, aku Cia.
(Like a little bird flying high gorgeously. Hello, I’m Cia)


  • Name in Japanese: アリシア・フェリヤナ
  • Nickname in Japanese: シア
  • Hobby: Singing
  • Favorite Colour: Black
  • Favorite Animal: Monkey, turtle
  • She is close with Amanda Dwi Arista, Shani Indira Natio and Triarona Kusuma since auditions
  • Member of Twenty Nine Teens (an Indonesian idol group)
    • She failed 2nd Generation of Shojo Complex's (an Indonesian idol group) audition
  • She likes art and sport subjects, but hates Math and Physics
  • She likes Action and Korean drama
  • Known for her chatty,funny and noisy personality
  • She really hates being lied

JKT48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

JKT48 Research Students → Graduation
Joined JKT48 as a Research Student on March, 2014
Resigned on February 01, 2016

Singles Participation

JKT48 B-Sides


Stage Units

RS1 (Pajama Drive)
Junjou Shugi

Participated as Kenkyuusei

Nage Kiss de Uchi Otose! (Team J 2nd Stage)
Hatsukoi yo, Konnichiwa (Team J 3rd Stage)
Glory Days (Team T 1st Stage)
Return Match (Team KIII 3rd Stage)

"JKT48 Ada banyak rasa, Pilih suka rasa apa?" JKT48 LIVE in CONCERT

"Mirai no Tobira"


Cia - JKT48 SSK 2015.jpg
Alycia Ferryana JKT48 2nd Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster (2015), with the title "Belajar dari Hal Kecil" (Learning from Small Things)
Alycia ferryana finalist.jpg
Alycia Ferryana (Audition Finalist) (Early 2014)