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JKT48 Academy's Logo (April 2018)
JKT48 Academy (July 2018)

JKT48 Academy (previous name: JKT48 Trainee, Research Students, or Kenkyuusei). They currently have 29 members. The new system of JKT48 Trainee/Kenkyuusei which is known as JKT48 Academy:

  • Every year, there will be two auditions for new members.
  • Class A are the previous JKT48 Trainees. They are unders for some members. Class B is under Class A, and they study about JKT48 before they can be unders of some members.
  • There will be some exams for promotion from Class B to Class A and Class A to a regular team. A regular team contains 16 members and there may be promotions and demotions every handshake event. If, in a year, a member is not promoted to a regular team, she will be dismissed from JKT48.
  • Some staff members, two ex-members, and a current member are the teachers:
    • Headmistress of JKT48 Academy: Devi Kinal Putri
    • Idol Lecturers: Melody Nurramdhani Laksani and Shania Junianatha.
    • Manner Teachers: Ishinabe and Putri
    • Dance Teachers: Iin, Donny, White, and Onat
    • Physics Teachers: Togas and Andre
    • Vocal Teacher: Novinda
    • Media Teacher: Radit
    • Talent Management: Santi
Class A:
Class B:



List of members who have debuted

Former Trainee

List of members who have graduated

JKT48 Trainee / Kenkyuusei Era

Normal Trainees

Candidate Trainees

JKT48 Academy Era

Class A Trainees

Class B Trainees


# Stage name Date Performances
1 Pajama Drive 2012.05.17 - 2012.12.13
2013.01.11 - 2013.05.12
2014.05.24 - 2015.01.17
2016.08.07 - 2016.11.19
2 Boku no Taiyou
(Matahari Milikku)
2013.05.17 - 2013.06.25 27

JKT48 Academy/Trainee on JKT48 Albums & Singles

2nd Generation

3rd Generation


Team Picture Romaji Name in Japanese Nickname Birthdate Birthplace Blood Type Age Height Agency Generation
Class A
- EllaJKTACA2018.jpg Amanda Priscella アマンダ・プリセラ Ella (エラ) August 20, 2003 Indonesia B 15 150cm JKT48 Project 6th
- TasyaJKTACA2018.jpg Anastasya Narwastu Tety Handuran アナスタシャ・ナルワストゥ・テティ Tasya (タシャ) June 16, 2000 Indonesia B 18 167cm JKT48 Project 6th
- SintiaJKTACA2018.jpg Erika Sintia エリカ・シンティア Sintia (シンティア) April 16, 2000 Indonesia O 18 158cm JKT48 Project 6th
- AbyJKTACA2018.jpg Gabryela Marcelina ガブリェラ・マルセリナ Aby (アビー) September 6, 2001 Bogor, West Java, Indonesia O 17 163cm JKT48 Project 5th
- GitaJKTACA2018.jpg Gita Sekar Andarini ギタ・スカル・アンダリニ Gita (ギタ) June 30, 2001 Indonesia O 17 165cm JKT48 Project 6th
- CielJKTACA2018.jpg Graciella Ruth Wiranto グラシエラ・ルーツ・ウィラント Ciel (シエル) March 5, 2004 Indonesia O 14 157cm JKT48 Project 6th
- IndyJKTACA2018.jpg Kandiya Rafa Maulidita カンディヤ・ラファ・マウリディタ Indy (インディ) May 14, 2003 Indonesia O 15 160cm JKT48 Project 6th
- RiriJKTACA2018.jpg Putri Cahyaning Anggraini プトゥリ・チャーヤニン・アングライニ Riri (リリ) December 25, 2001 Indonesia A 16 160cm JKT48 Project 6th
- AmelJKTACA2018.jpg Riska Amelia Putri リスカ・アメリア・プトゥリ Amel (アメル) March 18, 2000 Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia A 18 154cm JKT48 Project 6th
- ShalzaJKTACA2018.jpg Shalza Grasita サールザ・グラシタ Shalza (サールザ) October 7, 2004 Indonesia A 14 152cm JKT48 Project 6th

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