Marsha Lenathea

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Marsha Lenathea
Birth Name Marsha Lenathea Livia
Other Name Marsha Lenathea
Nickname Marsha
Birth Info
Birthdate January 9, 2006 
Birthplace Flag of Indonesia.png Jakarta, Indonesia
Blood type O
Current Age 14 Years Old
Nationality Indonesian
Height 163cm
Professional Info
Agency dentsuXentertainment
Social Networks Twitter / Instagram / SHOWROOM
Idol Career Info
Group JKT48
Team Academy Class A
Debuted December, 2019 / 9th Generation

Marsha Lenathea is a member of JKT48 Academy's Class A.


  • Name in Japanese: マーシャ・レナテェア
  • Nickname in Japanese: マーシャ
  • Hobbies: Listeing to music, sleeping, playing video games, drawing.
  • Admired Members: Fiony Alveria
  • Strenghts: Swiming
  • Weakness: Don't like crowded places, don't like cockroaches
  • Favorite word: It's not impossible, it's just hard.
  • Ambitions: Idol and gamers
  • Favorite foods: Pizza, sushi, noodles, fruits
  • Hated foods: Chili
  • Favorite Setlist: Boku no Taiyou
  • Favorite Unit Song: Enjou Rousen
  • Favorite Song: Kibouteki Refrain
  • Her Oshi(s): Oguri Yui and Yamauchi Mizuki
  • Favorite colors: Black and pastel color
  • The most foreign language you want to master: Korean and English
  • Favorite school subject: Physical education
  • Favorite hangout place: Supermarket, restorant
  • Favorite animals: Hamster, guinea pigs
  • On January 24, 2020, she has passed the Class B Academy Exam in Step 1.
    • On January 25, 2020, she has passed the Class B Academy Exam in Step 2, and promoted to Class A.

Team History

JKT48 Academy Class BJKT48 Academy Class A
Joined JKT48 as a member of Academy's Class B on December 1, 2019
Promoted to Academy's Class A on January 25, 2020


Stage Units

ACA1 (Pajama Drive)
Temodemo no Namida
Class A
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