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JKT48 Academy's Logo (April 2018)
JKT48 Academy (December 2018)

JKT48 Academy (previous name: JKT48 Trainee, Research Students, or Kenkyuusei). They currently have 28 members in Class A. The JKT48 Academy system:

  • This system have been being implemented since 6th Generation was formed (April 2018). No one formed a (new) team since implementation of this system, instead the members can be promoted to any team. Since the 7th Generation, the name for the new members get cut into two words name only (except for few members).
  • Every year, there will be two auditions for new members.
  • Class A is the previous JKT48 Trainees. They are unders for some members (but they can have their own stage too). Class B is under Class A, and they study about JKT48 before they can be unders of some members.
  • There will be some exams for promotion from Class B to Class A and Class A to a regular team. A regular team contains not more than 16 members (maximum 17 members) and there may be promotions and demotions every handshake event or concert. Previously it was planned that any member who didn't get promoted in a year will be dismissed however this rule was removed after High Tension handshake event. Members who are demoted on JKT48 Academy era will be automatically joined in JKT48 Academy Class A, for members who were Trainees until JKT48 Academy era had been automatically joined to JKT48 Academy Class A. This rule is applied for all of generation.
    • To get promoted to Class A, there'll be two steps. First is test for promotion, the subjects for the test is manner, vocal, dance, etc. Finally, they will have performance scoring. Promotion to Class A is decided by fans (every steps). If they can get promoted to Class A, their kabesha photo that contains member wears T-shirt will be changed to kabesha photo that contains member wears uniform.
    • To get promoted to Regular Team, there'll be three steps. First is same as above. And then, communication to fans will be assessed. Finally, their everyday attitude will be assessed. Their back-up activity for regular member is another assessment. If all points mentioned can be obtained, then she can be promoted to the regular team.
  • Some staff members, two ex-members, and a current member are the teachers:
Class A


List of members who have debuted

Former Trainee

List of members who have graduated

JKT48 Trainee / Kenkyuusei Era

Normal Trainees

Candidate Trainees

JKT48 Academy Era

Class A Trainees

Class B Trainees


# Stage name Date Performances
1 Pajama Drive 2012.05.17 - 2012.12.13
2013.01.11 - 2013.05.12
2014.05.24 - 2015.01.17
2016.08.07 - 2016.11.19
2019.03.23 -
2 Boku no Taiyou
(Matahari Milikku)
2013.05.17 - 2013.06.25 27


JKT48 Academy/Trainee on JKT48 Albums & Singles

2nd Generation

3rd Generation


Class Picture Romaji Name in Japanese Nickname Birthdate Birthplace Blood Type Age Height Agency Generation
A AikoJKTACA2019.jpg Aiko Harumi アイコ・ハルミ Aiko (アイコ) March 23, 2002 Tokyo, Japan O 17 156cm dentsuXentertainment 7th
A AfiqahACB2019.jpg Amanina Afiqah アマニナ・アフィカ Afiqah (アフィカ) January 6, 2006 Jakarta, Indonesia B 13 145cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A AmiraACB2019.jpg Amirah Fatin アミラ・ファティン Amira (ミラ) October 12, 2000 ** A 19 160cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A NunuACB2019.jpg Cindy Nugroho シンディ・ヌグロホ Nunu (ヌヌ) June 9, 2007 ** AB 12 150cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A OnielACB2019.jpg Cornelia Vanisa コルネリア・ファニサ Oniel (オニエル) July 26, 2002 ** O 17 162cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A DevythaACB2019.jpg Devytha Maharani デフィタ・マハラニ Devytha (デフィタ) November 22, 2002 ** B 16 166cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A DeyJKTACA2018.jpg Dhea Angelia デア・エンジェリア Dey (デイ) August 18, 2001 South Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia O 18 155cm dentsuXentertainment 7th
A ErichanACB2019.jpg Eriena Kartika エリナ・カルティカ Erichan (エリチャン) April 18, 2003 ** O 16 161cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A FebiJKTACA2018.jpg Febi Komaril フェビ・コマリル Febi (フェビ) February 3, 2000 South Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia ** 19 168cm dentsuXentertainment 7th
A BriJKTACA2019.jpg Febrina Diponegoro フェブリナ・ディポネゴロ Bri (ブリ) February 17, 2002 Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia A 17 160cm dentsuXentertainment 7th
A OllaJKTACA2019.jpg Febriola Sinambela フェブリオラ・シナンベラ Olla (オラ) February 26, 2005 East Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia B 14 154cm dentsuXentertainment 7th
A FionyACB2019.jpg Fiony Alveria フィオニー・アルフェリア Fiony (フィオニー) February 4, 2002 ** O 17 158cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A FloraACB2019.jpg Flora Shafiq フロラ・シャフィック Flora (フロラ) April 4, 2005 ** B 17 149cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A FreyaJKTACA2019.jpg Freya Jayawardana フレヤ・ジャヤワルダナ Freya (フレヤ) February 13, 2006 Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia B 13 154cm dentsuXentertainment 7th
A VanyACB2019.jpg Gabriella Stevany ガブリエラー・ステファニー Vany (ファニー) May 22, 2002 ** O 17 164cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A JessiJKTACA2019.jpg Jessica Chandra ジェシカ・チャンドラ Jessi (ジェシ) September 23, 2005 Jakarta, Indonesia O 14 163cm dentsuXentertainment 7th
A JesslynJKTACA2019.jpg Jesslyn Callista ジェスリン・カリスタ Jesslyn (ジェスリン) April 20, 2000 South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia O 19 155cm dentsuXentertainment 7th
A KeisyaACB2019.jpg Keisya Ramadhani ケイシャ・ラマダニ Keisya (ケイシャ) November 10, 2004 ** AB 13 164cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A LuluACB2019.jpg Lulu Salsabila ルル・サルサビラ Lulu (ルル) October 23, 2002 ** B 16 157cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A RatuACB2019.jpg Nyimas Ratu Rafa ニィマス・ラトゥ・ラファ Ratu (ラトゥ) July 11, 2005 ** A+ 14 157cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A PamelaACB2019.jpg Pamela Krysanthe パメラ・クリサンテ Pamela (パメラ) October 3, 2003 ** A 16 165cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A AdelACB2019.jpg Reva Fidela レファ・フィデラ Adel (アデル) July 14, 2006 ** A 13 159cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A RevaACB2019.jpg Reva Adriana レファ・アンドリアナ Reva (レファ) November 3, 2004 ** O 14 157cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A AlmaACB2019.jpg Salma Annisa サルマ・アニッサ Alma (アルマ) August 16, 2000 ** O 19 161cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A ShalzaJKTACA2018.jpg Shalza Grasita サールザ・グラシタ Shalza (サールザ) October 7, 2004 Jakarta, Indonesia A 15 152cm dentsuXentertainment 6th
A UmeACB2019.jpg Umega Maulana ウメガ・マウラナ Ume (ウメ) March 27, 2004 ** O 15 165cm dentsuXentertainment 8th
A ViviJKTACA2018.jpg Viona Fadrin ヴィオナ・ファドリン Vivi (フィフィ) November 8, 2000 East Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia O 18 159cm dentsuXentertainment 7th
A AraACB2019.jpg Zahra Nur ザラ・ヌル Ara (アラ) August 5, 2003 ** AB 16 161cm dentsuXentertainment 8th

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