Hirate Yurina

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Hirate Yurina
Hirate Yurina (2019 - Kuroi Hitsuji)
Kanji 平手友梨奈
Kana ひらて ゆりな
Romaji Hirate Yurina
Nickname Hiratechi (ひらてち), Techi (てち)
Birth Info
Birthdate June 25, 2001  
Birthplace Aichi, Japan
Blood type O
Current Age 18 Years Old
Height 165cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Official Blog
Idol Career Info
Group Keyakizaka46
Team 1st Generation
Debuted August, 2015 / 1st Generation

Hirate Yurina is a member of Keyakizaka46's 1st Generation.


  • Audition song: Hoshizora no Distance (The Alfee)
  • Favorite Nogizaka46 member: Shiraishi Mai
  • Center of Keyakizaka46
    • She is the only member in 48Group and Sakamichi Series who achieved eight solo covers in a row
    • Being center for 9 singles in a row, she is the second person in 48Group and Sakamichi Series who achieves this (the other being Matsui Jurina)
    • Being solo center for 9 singles in a row, she is the only person in the history of 48Group and Sakamichi series who achieves this
  • Has been playing basketball since she was in elementary school
  • Is a skilled dancer and claims she can perform some acrobatic moves, such as cartwheels
  • At the group's first event, she proclaimed:
I didn't become an idol to be spoiled. I auditioned because I wanted to become an idol who can give people courage like Ikoma-san or Shiraishi-san
  • Has grown since the group was formed, and believes she is still growing

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Hirate Yurina (2018 - Ambivalent)
Hirate Yurina (2018 - Glass wo Ware!)
Hirate Yurina (2017 - Kaze ni Fukarete mo)
Hirate Yurina (2017 - Fukyouwaon)
Hirate Yurina (2017 - Futari Saison)
Hirate Yurina (2016 - Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai)
Hirate Yurina (2016 - Silent Majority)
Yurina hirate 3.jpg
Hirate Yurina (Early 2016)
Yurina hirate 2.png
Hirate Yurina (Late 2015)
Yurina hirate 1.png
Hirate Yurina (Early 2015)
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