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Ikuta Erika
Kanji 生田絵梨花
Kana いくた えりか
Romaji Ikuta Erika
Nickname Ikuchan (いくちゃん)
Birth Info
Birthdate January 22, 1997  
Birthplace Flag of Germany.png Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany  
Hometown Flag of Japan.png Tokyo, Japan
Blood type A
Current Age 27 Years Old
Height 160cm
Professional Info
Agency Ohta Pro
Social Networks Official Website / 7gogo / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube
Idol Career Info
Former Group Nogizaka46
Former Team 1st Generation
Debuted June 2011 / 1st Generation
Graduated December 2021

Ikuta Erika was a member of Nogizaka46's 1st Generation. She is currently affiliated with Ohta Pro.


  • Audition Song: Star (aiko)
  • Charm point: Eyes
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, watching variety shows
  • Favorite food: Udon, apples, chocolates
  • Least favorite food: Wasabi, spicy food
  • Special skills: Piano, singing opera, calligraphy, alto horn, ballet
    • She is a very talented piano player, and has represented Tokyo in a national competition.
    • She has won various awards for her achievements as a musical actress.
  • She lived in Germany until she was 5 years old.
  • She has an elder sister.
  • She is considered a genius for her piano and musical skills, but also has an eccentric side and is known to be gluttonous.
  • She is very bad at cooking and drawing.
  • She sometimes thinks about philosophical topics, and will always tend to ask other members until she gets the answer she wants.
  • She went on hiatus shortly before the release of Natsu no Free & Easy to focus on her studies. She returned for the following single release (Nandome no Aozora ka) in which she was center.
  • Akimoto Yasushi commented that she is similar to Maeda Atsuko.
  • Her 2-shot with Morning Musume member Ikuta Erina during FNS The Live 2015 caught the fans' attention for their notably similar names.
  • Her favorite musical is Les Miserables, and was able to star in three runs of the musical in the roles of Cosette and later as Eponine.


Early Life

  • At age 4, began learning to play the piano.
  • In 2007, made her stage debut in musical "Coco Smile 5".
  • Prior to joining Nogizaka46, she was an actress under Ohta Pro working under the name "Ikegami Kai (池上花衣)".


  • On August 21st, passed the Nogizaka46 1st Generation auditions. She was selected as one of the 16 provisional Senbatsu members.
  • In December, was selected as a pianist at the 21st Japanese Classical Music Competition.


  • On January 8th, was selected as a Senbatsu member for the group's debut single on Nogizakatte, Doko?
  • From September 1st to 9th, participated in Nogizaka46's musical, 16nin no Principal. For the musical, fans had the ability vote for the leading roles for each performance, and Ikuta was selected for the lead role of "Alice" in 6 of the 9 performances.



  • On June 28th, went on hiatus in preparation for entering university.
  • On August 3rd, was selected as Center for the group's 10th single Nandome no Aozora ka? and resumed activities.
  • On October 2nd, began starring in musical "Rainbow Prelude".


  • On January 14th, appeared in her first regular TV Drama role as Hosoi Mika in "Disappointing Husband".
  • On March 20th, graduated from high school and began attending music college.


  • On January 21st, her first photobook, Tenchou, was released. It was first place in Oricon's book ranking and photobook category for the first half of 2016.
  • On December 1st, became the ambassador for Sony's Classical Music Compilation release, "Best Classics 100".


  • On June 12th, won the encouragement award at the 8th Iwatani Tokiko Awards for her achievements as a musical actress.
  • On December 25th, became the first Nogizaka46 member to hold a solo live with "MTV Unplugged: Erika Ikuta from Nogizaka46". The performance was broadcasted live on MTV, a first in the history of MTV Unplugged Japan.


  • From January to September, she consecutively starred in three musicals: "Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812", "Romeo & Juliette", and "Les Miserables".
  • On January 22nd, her second photobook, Intermission was released. It was first place in Oricon's annual book ranking and the photobook category.
  • In April, won the 44th Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award for her role of Constanze in "Mozart" and Natasha in "Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812".
  • In July, was ranked 5th in Nikkei Entertainment's 2019 Talent Power Ranking in the "Female Idol Ranking".
  • On November 6th, received the special award at the 1st Noma Publishing Culture Award for Intermission.


  • In March, won the actress award at WOWOW's "Theatrical Awards 2020."
  • On October 25th, announced her graduation from Nogizaka46.
  • On November 5th, centered the main song of the group's best album, Saigo no Tight Hug.
  • On December 14th, her graduation memorial book "Kanon" was released.
  • On December 14th & 15th, held her graduation concert at Yokohama Arena.
  • On December 31st, graduated from Nogizaka46 with her final performance of Kikkake at the 72nd Kouhaku Uta Gassen.


  • On January 5th, announced her new affiliation office, Ohta Pro.


  • Released first solo EP, 「capriccioso」, on April 10.
  • Starting in summer, will be the lead role for the ABC TV and Asahi TV joint drama "Subarashiki Kana, Sensei!" (素晴らしき哉、先生!).

Singles Participation

Nogizaka46 A-Sides

Nogizaka46 B-Sides

AKB48 B-Sides

Other Original Songs

Albums Participation

Nogizaka46 Albums


Concert Units

Nogizaka46 Ikuta Erika Graduation Concert

Solo Songs


Media Appearances

Stage Plays

  • Coco Smile 5: Asu e no Rock 'n' Roll (ココ・スマイル5 〜明日へのロックンロール〜) (2007) - Coco
  • Heidi (アルプスの少女ハイジ) (2009) - Clara Sesemann
  • Rainbow Prelude (虹のプレリュード) (2014-2015) - Louise
  • Ribbon no Kishi (リボンの騎士) (2015) - Princess Sapphire
  • Romeo & Juliette (ロミオ&ジュリエット) (2017, 2019) - Juliette
  • Les Miserables (レ・ミゼラブル)
    • Role of Cosette (2017-2019)
    • Role of Eponine (2021)
  • Mozart (モーツァルト!) (2018) - Constanze
  • Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 (ナターシャ・ピエール・アンド・ザ・グレート・コメット・オブ・1812) (2019) - Natasha Rostova
  • Beautiful Woman -A Woman Who Has Met With God- (キレイ―神様と待ち合わせした女―) (2019)
  • Whistle Down the Wind (ホイッスル・ダウン・ザ・ウィンド ~汚れなき瞳~) (2020) - Swallow
  • Happily Ever After (2020)
  • Shibuya de Aimashou (COCOON PRODUCTION 2021「シブヤデアイマショウ」) (2021)
  • Your Lie in April (四月は君の嘘) (2022) - Miyazono Kaori


  • Beginning of Toilet no Hanako-san (ビギニング オブ トイレの花子さん) (2011) - Hiiragi Hanako
  • Hunger Games (2012) - Voice of Rue
  • Psychic Power Research Club's 3 People (超能力研究部の3人 Chounouryoku Kenkyubu no 3 Nin) (2014) - Murata Ikuko
  • Asahinagu (あさひなぐ) (2017) - Ichido Nene
  • Kakegurui 2: Ultimate Russian Roulette (映画 賭ケグルイ絶体絶命ロシアンルーレット) (2021) - Miharutaki Sakura
  • The Confidence Man JP: Episode of the Hero (コンフィデンスマンJP 英雄編) (2020) - Hatakeyama Reina


  • Sabadoru (さばドル) (2012)
  • Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou (ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖) (2013)
  • Clinic on the Sea (海の上の診療所 Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo) (2013) - Episode 1
  • Disappointing Husband (残念な夫。 Zannen na Otto) (2015) - Hosoi Mika
  • Hatsumori Bemars (初森ベマーズ) (2015)
  • Scary True Stories Summer 2016 (Another Elevator) (ほんとにあった怖い話) (もう1人のエレベーター) (2016)
  • Shuudan Sasen!! (集団左遷!!) (2019)
  • Go! Song of Love (とどけ!愛のうた Todoke! Ai no Uta) (2020) - Kinari
  • Kakegurui Twin (賭ケグルイ双 Kakegurui Sou) (2021) - Miharutaki Sakura
  • Ichikei's Crow: The Criminal Court Judges (イチケイのカラス Ichikei no Karasu) (2021) - Episode 5
  • Matsuo Suzuki to 30-pun no Joyu 2 (松尾スズキと30分の女優2) (2022)
  • Subarashiki Kana, Sensei! (素晴らしき哉、先生!) (2024) - Sasaoka Rio


  • Pokemon (ポケットモンスター) (2021) - Voice of Minun

Variety Shows

  • Nogizakatte, Doko? (乃木坂って、どこ?)
  • Nogizaka46 no Gakutabi!
  • TEPPEN (芸能界特技王決定戦 TEPPEN) (2014)
  • MTV Unplugged: Erika Ikuta from Nogizaka46 (2017)
  • THE SKY ATTACK (LIFE!presents 忍べ!右左ヱ門 THE SKY ATTACK) (2019)
  • Fantazaka Gakuen to Daigashou Keikaku (ファンタ坂学園と大合唱計画) (2019)
  • Give me a truth! (行列のできる法律相談所) (2020)
  • Shoten SP (笑点 お正月だよ!大喜利まつり) (2021)


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