Kanashimi no Wasurekata: Documentary of Nogizaka46

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Kanashimi no Wasurekata: Documentary of Nogizaka46 (悲しみの忘れ方: Documentary of 乃木坂46) is the first Nogizaka46 documentary. The movie was released on July 10, 2015. Its title song is the eponymous, Kanashimi no Wasurekata. Maruyama Takeshi was the director. The BluRay and DVD were released on November 18, 2015.

The movie tells the unfolding story of Nogizaka46 from auditions in August 2011 up through the summer of 2015 about the time of release for their 12th single, Taiyou Knock. It relies heavily on interviews with Shiraishi Mai, Ikoma Rina, Nishino Nanase, Ikuta Erika, and Hashimoto Nanami. Notes and interviews from members' parents and family are used in the narration.