Kanteera Wadcharathadsanakul (Noey)

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Kanteera Wadcharathadsanakul
Kanteera Wadcharathadsanakul (March 2019)
Thai กานต์ธีรา วัชรทัศนกุล
Nickname Noey (ヌイ, เนย)
Birth Info
Birthdate April 9, 1997
Birthplace Flag of Thailand.png Samut Prakan, Thailand
Blood type AB
Current Age 25 Years Old
Height 158 cm
Professional Info
Agency iAM
Social Networks Facebook pages / Instagram / Instagram
Idol Career Info
Former Group BNK48
Former Team Team BIII
Debuted February, 2017 / 1st Generation
Graduated December, 2022

Kanteera Wadcharathadsanakul was a member of BNK48's Team BIII and LYRA.


  • Name in Japanese: カーンティーラー・ワチャラタサナクン
  • Hobbies: Watch anime, sleeping
  • Favorite color: Light blue
  • Likes: Chocolate, makeup, wristwatches, handbags
  • Representative symbol: The frog
  • Noted for her gentle, shy & soft image.
  • Her fandom is called the 'frog pond'.
  • Although she has a shy & quiet personality, she opens up when she is with her friends.
  • Noted by BNK48's dance instructor that although she has no background in dancing, she is the most naturally gifted dancer of her generation.
  • Is well-loved by younger members, perhaps due to her kind & soft demeanour.
  • Is often shipped with Milin Dokthian (Namneung). Together, they are regarded as parents of Pimrapat Phadungwatanachok (Mobile).
  • Is part of Chara Line (Elderly) Unit together with Patchanan Jiajirachote (Orn), Milin Dokthian (Namneung), Natruja Chutiwansopon (Kaew) & Isarapa Thawatpakdee (Tarwaan). This unit is a group of older girls who are good friends & live near each other.
  • Strongly dislikes vegetables.
  • She graduated from Bangkok University.

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Team History

BNK48 TraineeTeam BIII → Graduation
Joined BNK48 as a Trainee on February 12, 2017
Promoted to Team BIII on December 24, 2017 (Team BIII formation)
Graduated from BNK48 on December 18, 2022 (Announced October 30, 2022)

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Stage Units

BIII1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Skirt, Hirari
Kiss wa Dame yo
Hoshi no Ondo (Swap)
Classmate (Swap)
TN1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Skirt, Hirari (Support)
Kiss wa Dame yo (Support)
Hoshi no Ondo (Support)
BIII-W1 (Waiting Stage)
Temodemo no Namida
Yume e no Route (Swap)
BIII2 (Saishuu Bell ga Naru)
Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou

Concert Units

BNK48 1st Concert "STARTO"
BNK48 Space Mission Concert
AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Shanghai

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Kanteera Wadcharathadsanakul (Debut)