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Nogizaka's "no" (乃木坂46の「の」) is a radio show featuring members of Nogizaka46. It airs weekly for 30 minutes from 1800 JST Sunday evenings by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.

Each week 2 or 3 members from Nogizaka46 host the radio show featuring member cross talk, reading of fan mail, and various other segments

There have been 12 different Nogizaka46 members who have been the host of the show. There are times when other members take over the hosting duties but are not officially counted as a host of the show most notably during the live broadcast of Nogizak46 46 Hour TV Marathon when Saito Asuka, Saito Yuri, and Saito Chiharu played host.

Tsutsui Ayame holds the longest tenure as MC of about two years relinquishing host duties in March 2023, to members from Nogizaka46's 5th Generation.


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