Takahashi Mikuni

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Takahashi Mikuni
Kanji 髙橋未来虹
Kana たかはし みくに
Romaji Takahashi Mikuni
Nickname Mikunichan (みくにちゃん)
Birth Info
Birthdate September 27, 2003  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Tokyo, Japan
Blood type B
Current Age 18 Years Old
Height 170cm
Professional Info
Agency Seed & Flower
Social Networks Official Blog / SHOWROOM
Idol Career Info
Group Hinatazaka46
Team 3rd Generation
Debuted September 2019 / Sakamichi Kenshusei
Lightstick Colors
Green Purple

Takahashi Mikuni is a member of Hinatazaka46's 3rd Generation.


  • Her audition SHOWROOM number was #55. Her nickname during the auditions was Kokkochan (こっこちゃん).
  • Admired members: Saito Asuka, Nagahama Neru, Hirate Yurina, Kageyama Yuka, Tomita Suzuka
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, playing games
  • Favorite color: White
  • Future ambition: Model
  • She auditioned for the Nogizaka46 3rd Generation and Hinatazaka46 2nd Generation.
  • She is good at sports and likes physical activities.
  • She played the clarinet in middle school.
  • She describes herself as determined and hates losing.
  • Her oshimen is Tomita Suzuka. During the 3rd Generation Members' Cooking Competition on Hinatazaka de Aimashou, she chose Suzuka as the senior she wanted to cook for. She expressed gratefulness to Suzuka for being friendly to her when she first entered the group.
    • She also expressed gratefulness to Kageyama Yuka, who helped her with math homework.
  • She likes the sound of typing on a keyboard.

Group History

Sakamichi Joint Auditions finalist → Sakamichi KenshuseiHinatazaka46 3rd Generation
She passed the Sakamichi Joint Auditions on August 19, 2018
Her profile was uploaded to the Sakamichi Kenshusei official website on September 7, 2019
Promoted to Hinatazaka46 3rd Generation on February 16, 2020

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