Team SII 8th Stage

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Studio Recording
Team SII 8th Stage Shonichi

Plan Salvation (重生计划) is SNH48 Team SII's 8th Stage (SII8).

General Information

Stage Name
Plan Salvation (重生计划)
Team SII
Shonichi / Senshuuraku
2018.11.23 -


M00. overture
M01. Chenguang (晨光)
M02. Forever XLVIII
M03. Who is the one
M04. Heidong (黑洞)

M05. Lost (Mo Han)
M06. Hold Me Tight (Dai Meng, Kong XiaoYin)
M07. Jie Yu Zhe (解语者) (Li YuQi, Qian BeiTing, Yuan YuZhen)
M08. Zuizhong Huihe (最终回合) (Zhang YuGe, Chen Si, Jiang Yun, Shao XueCong)
M09. Wu Zui Wu Wo (无罪无我) (Chen GuanHui, Mo Han, Liu ZengYan)
M10. Somewhere (Xu ZiXuan, Wu ZheHan, Sun Rui)
M11. Emeng Lunhui (噩梦轮回) (Xu JiaQi)

M12. Restart
M13. Yuyan (预言)


M14. Bi'anhua (彼岸花)


M15. Plan Salvation (重生计划)
M16. Zuobiao 121E 31N (坐标 121E 31N)

Participating Members


Chen GuanHui, Chen Si, Dai Meng, Jiang Yun, Kong XiaoYin, Li YuQi, Liu ZengYan, Mo Han, Qian BeiTing, Shao XueCong, Sun Rui, Wen JingJie, Wu ZheHan, Xu YiRen, Xu ZiXuan, Yuan DanNi, Yuan YuZhen, Zhang YuGe



  • The stage revolves around a story of a future Earth that has been destroyed by war with brave soldiers of District48 protecting what is left of humanity. On the verge of extinction, some are sent back in time to the beginning of District48 to try and save the world.
  • On Shonichi Wen JingJie, Xu YiRen and Yuan DanNi, didn't get any unit.
  • On December 22, 2018, "Emeng Lunhui" a unit song it was added to the setlist.

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