Fujizono Rei

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Fujizono Rei
Fujizono Rei (2019)
Kanji 藤園麗
Kana ふじぞの れい
Romaji Fujizono Rei
Nickname Reichan (れいちゃん)
Birth Info
Birthdate January 18, 2005  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Kagoshima, Japan
Blood type O
Current Age 19 Years Old
Height 149.9cm
Professional Info
Agency ing
Social Networks 7gogo / Instagram / TikTok / Twitter / Threads / Fanclub
Idol Career Info
Former Group AKB48
Former Team Team B
Debuted October 2018 / Team 8
Graduated May 2023

Fujizono Rei was a member of AKB48's Team B. She was also a member of HUETONE.


  • Replaced Shimoaoki Karin as Team 8's Kagoshima representative
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, playing golf, basketball
  • Special skills: Control the lips
  • Strong points: Always move forward!
  • Weak points: Too much thinking!
  • Charm point: Smile
  • Favorite word: Thank you, LOVE
  • Favorite foods: Strawberry, cucumber
  • Hated foods: Avocado
  • Admired members: Kashiwagi Yuki
  • Close friends: Mitomo Mashiro, Rissen Airi, Tokunaga Remi
  • Describe yourself in one word: Won't budge, fussy
  • Future Dream: To appear on many variety shows, to be idol that is loved by everyone
  • If she could drive, she would go shopping
  • She loves playing golf.
  • She wants to learn how to rap.
  • She was a member of the takoyaki team in the AKB48 Cooking Senbatsu Competition.




  • On June 22nd, had her debut theater performance. This was coincidentally also Oguri Yui's birthday theater performance (seitansai).





  • On March 6th, announced her graduation.
  • On April 30th, fully transferred to Team B.
  • On May 16th, graduated from AKB48.


  • On January 18th, her 19th birthday, opened her own official fanclub.
  • Released on May 23rd, appeared in the magazine "Up to Boy" (Vol. 339) alongside Yamauchi Mizuki.

Team History

Team 8Team 8 and Team BTeam B → Graduation
Joined AKB48 as a Team 8 member on October 20, 2018
Had a Concurrent Position in AKB48's Team B from April 19, 2022 (Announcement: December 8, 2021 (AKB48 16th Anniversary Team Shuffle)) to April 30, 2023
Fully transferred to Team B on April 30, 2023 (Announcement: October 7, 2022)
Graduated from AKB48 Team B on May 16, 2023 (Announcement: October 7, 2022)

Singles Participation

AKB48 B-Sides

Other Songs


Stage Units

84 (Sono Shizuku wa, Mirai e to Tsunagaru Niji ni Naru.)
B4 Revival (Idol no Yoake)
Zannen Shoujo
Kataomoi no Taikakusen

Concert Units

AKB48 Team 8 Cuties Concert 〜We are!! Cuties!〜

AKB48 Team 8 Everybody Concert 〜Come On!! Everybody!〜

2020 AKB48 shin Unit Live Matsuri Kaisai Kettei no Oshirase

August 8th is Eito no Hi 2022 Puroland no Suteki na Machi e

MX Matsuri! AKB48 60th Single "Hisashiburi no Lipgloss" Announcement Commemoration Concert in Budokan 2022

New Team Concert
Day 3

Media Appearances

Variety Shows


Fujizono Rei (2019)
Fujizono Rei (October 2018 - Team 8)
Fujizono Rei (2018) (AKB48)