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AKB48 Cooking Senbatsu is an AKB48 single unit and SHOWROOM competition. The unit was formed by the winners of the AKB48 Cooking Senbatsu competition held on the streaming service SHOWROOM. They will appear in a coupling track on the upcoming AKB48 61st single (to be released in 2023) and will perform the song on an NTV music program.

The competition began on September 29th, 2022. 61 members entered the contest, and the Top 10 members with the most points collected on SHOWROOM moved ahead to the next stage. An additional 10 members were chosen by a special jury who judged the actual cooking content of the streams.

On October 7th, 2022, during an episode of AKB48 Sayonara Mouri-san, these 20 chosen members were sorted into 4 different clubs: Takoyaki Club, Omurice Team, Croquette Team and Dessert Team. They all came up with a dish together to fit the theme. This dish would then be sold in three different cafés across Japan, and the sales would be added up.

A week later, 8 more members were added (2 to each team), creating teams of 6 members total.

A second round of SHOWROOM streaming began. On December 1st, 2022, the Dessert team won first place in the SHOWROOM Appeal Battle (21,024,565 points total).

On January 12th, 2023, the Dessert Club was announced to have won the physical sales battle, too (1,874 dishes sold), making them the overall winner of the competition.

Individual Round Results

Winning members
10 - Ma Chia-Ling
09 - Shinozaki Ayana
08 - Hattori Yuna
07 - Iwatate Saho
06 - Taniguchi Megu
05 - Otake Hitomi
04 - Fukuoka Seina
03 - Okada Nana
02 - Hashimoto Haruna
01 - Shimizu Maria
Jury special prize
Utada Hatsuka
Okabe Rin
Nagatomo Ayami
Komiyama Haruka
Chiba Erii
Muto Orin
Kuranoo Narumi
Fujizono Rei
Hidaritomo Ayaka
Yamabe Ayu
Additional Members
08 - Yoshihashi Yuzuka
07 - Hashimoto Eriko
06 - Yumoto Ami
05 - Ichikawa Manami
04 - Kobayashi Ran
03 - Gyoten Yurina
02 - Yamada Kyoka
01 - Ishiwata Sena

Team Round Assignments

Takoyaki (Red) Omurice (Blue) Croquette (Green) Dessert (Yellow)
Utada Hatsuka (captain) Komiyama Haruka (captain) Taniguchi Megu (captain) Fukuoka Seina (captain)
Okada Nana Ichikawa Manami Shimizu Maria Ishiwata Sena
Gyoten Yurina Otake Hitomi Hashimoto Eriko Iwatate Saho
Kuranoo Narumi Chiba Erii Hattori Yuna Okabe Rin
Muto Orin Ma Chia-Ling Hidaritomo Ayaka Kobayashi Ran
Fujizono Rei Hashimoto Haruna Nagatomo Ayami Shinozaki Ayana
Yamada Kyoka Yumoto Ami Yoshihashi Yuzuka Yamabe Ayu

Showroom Appeal Battle

  1. Dessert: 21,024,565pt
  2. Takoyaki: 20,944,630pt
  3. Croquette: 19,129,479pt
  4. Omurice: 18,770,330pt

Physical Sales Battle

  1. Dessert: 1,874 dishes sold
  2. Takoyaki: 1,283 dishes sold
  3. Croquette: 889 dishes sold
  4. Omurice: 887 dishes sold


  • Fans noted that the portion of omurice sold was fairly big, which made it difficult for fans to buy more than one portion at a time.
  • Takoyaki Team won a taste test on AKB48 Sayonara Mouri-san, which allowed them to hold a virtual Takoyaki party with fans at the café. The members appeared on a big screen in the café and directly spoke to the customers.