Yamada Kyoka

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Yamada Kyoka
Yamada Kyoka (2019)
Kanji 山田杏華
Kana やまだ きょうか
Romaji Yamada Kyōka
Nickname Kyoka (きょうか)
Birth Info
Birthdate November 3, 2002  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Oita, Japan
Blood type A
Current Age 20 years old
Height 153cm
Professional Info
Agency DH
Social Networks 7gogo / Instagram / SHOWROOM / TikTok / Twitter
Idol Career Info
Group AKB48
Team Team B
Debuted March 2017 / Team 8  
Prefecture Oita
Lightstick Colors
Light Blue Light Green

Yamada Kyoka is a member of AKB48's Team B.


  • Replaced Yoshino Miyu as Team 8's Oita representative
  • Hobbies: Listening to music
  • Special skills: One-handed cartwheel
  • Strong points: Won't to budge
  • Weak points: Shy
  • Charm point: Dimples
  • Favorite word: "Hard work"
  • Favorite foods: Cheesecake, thick clam chowder
  • Hated foods: Carrots
  • Most admire person: Sashihara Rino
  • Close friends: Okuhara Hinako, Okumoto Hinano, Harumoto Yuki, Kawahara Misaki, Rissen Airi, Suenaga Yuzuki, Takei Sara
  • Future Dream: Actress or model
  • A place you'd like to go when you're allowed to drive: The sea
  • Message to the fans: I will do my best to deliver a lot of smiles to everyone, so please cheer for me.
  • She describes her own personality as "my pace" and "tsundere" (hot-cold).
  • Theater manager Hosoi Takahiro described her as quiet but courageous. Her complimented her performances as center of Team 8 performances in Oita prefecture.
  • Her favorite subject in school was biology, because she likes living things and finds it easy to memorize biology facts. She also liked physical education, and disliked English and physics.
  • She has seasonal allergies.
  • She likes to watch cooking videos.
  • When flying on airplanes she immediately goes to sleep. She doesn't even order a complimentary drink.
  • She would like to visit Taiwan someday and drink bubble tea.
  • She would like to purchase a gaming PC.
  • She is acquainted with HKT48's Ihara Hanna, as they are from the same town.
  • She was a member of the takoyaki team in the AKB48 Cooking Senbatsu Competition.






  • On February 22nd, had her first appearance at Team K's RESET stage.



  • On April 6th, was part of the senshuuraku performance for Team K's RESET stage.
  • On April 19th, officially joined Asai Team B.
  • On December 2nd, had her first appearance on AKB48 Sayonara Mouri-san (AKB48サヨナラ毛利さん).


  • On April 20th, participated in AKB48's audition show OUT OF 48.
  • On April 30th, fully transferred to Team B.

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

Team 8Team 8 and Team KTeam 8 and Team BTeam B
Joined AKB48 as a Team 8 member on March 20, 2017
Had a Concurrent Position in AKB48's Team K from December 8, 2017 (AKB48 12th Anniversary Shuffle) to April 19, 2022
Had a Concurrent Position in AKB48's Team B from April 19, 2022 (Announcement: December 8, 2021 (AKB48 16th Anniversary Team Shuffle)) to April 30, 2023
Fully transferred to Team B on April 30, 2023 (Announcement: October 7, 2022)

Singles Participation

AKB48 B-Sides

Other Songs


Stage Units

84 (Sono Shizuku wa, Mirai e to Tsunagaru Niji ni Naru.)
B4 Revival (Idol no Yoake)
Zannen Shoujo
Kataomoi no Taikakusen

Concert Units

8gatsu 8nichi wa Eito no Hi Natsu da! Eito da! Pitto Matsuri 2018


AKB48 Group Kanshasai ~Rank-gai Concert~ 2018

AKB48 Team K Tandoku Concert 〜Team K no K tte nan no K?〜

AKB48 Team 8 Cuties Concert 〜We are!! Cuties!〜

AKB48 Team 8 Everybody Concert 〜Come On!! Everybody!〜

August 8th is Eito no Hi 2022 Puroland no Suteki na Machi e

MX Matsuri! AKB48 60th Single "Hisashiburi no Lipgloss" Announcement Commemoration Concert in Budokan 2022

New Team Concert

Media Appearances

Variety Shows


Yamada Kyoka (2019)
Yamada Kyoka (July 2018 - Team 8)
Yamada Kyoka 10th Senbatsu Election Poster (2018)
Yamada Kyoka (2018) (AKB48)
Yamada Kyoka (July 2017)
Yamada Kyoka 9th Senbatsu Election Poster (2017)
Yamada Kyoka (2017) (AKB48)
Yamada Kyoka (Early 2017)
Yamada Kyoka (Early 2017) (AKB48)
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