Mijyoubutsu Hyakumonogatari ~AKB48 Ikai e no Tomoshibi Tera~

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Mijyoubutsu Hyakumonogatari ~AKB48 Ikai e no Tomoshibi Tera~ (未成仏百物語~AKB48 異界への灯火寺~) is an upcoming movie by AKB48.


An unprecedented ghost story entertainment work in which 8 members from AKB48 bring together mysterious events, mysterious worlds and psychic phenomena.

Ghost stories are discussed in a roundtable discussion between the 8 members, the movie shooting was done at a temple. The cast appearing in this work is mainly the 8 members of AKB48. Among these 8 members, Oguri Yui, Kuranoo Narumi, Komiyama Haruka and Muto Tomu will be in the drama, Sakaguchi Nagisa and Suzuki Yuka will have a discussion with Oshima Teru, a popular website who collects informations about locations where unnatural death happened. Gyoten Yurina will have an experience at a psychic spot, and Omori Maho will tell "ghost stories" by using a variety of approaches.



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