Nogizaka46 4th Generation

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Nogizaka46 (4th Gen Members) (December 2018)

Nogizaka46's 4th Generation. They passed the Sakamich group auditions in August of 2018, but were not formally introduced until November/December 2018. They currently have 11 members.

4th Generation Songs from Nogizaka46 Singles & Albums


Generation Picture Romaji Kanji Nickname Birthdate Birthplace Blood Type Age Height Agency
4th EndoDebut.jpg Endo Sakura 遠藤 さくら ** October 3, 2001 Aichi, Japan ** 17 Years Old 160cm N46Div.
4th KakiDebut.jpg Kaki Haruka 賀喜 遥香 ** August 8, 2001 Tochigi, Japan A 17 Years Old 166cm N46Div.
4th KakehashiDebut.jpg Kakehashi Sayaka 掛橋 沙耶香 ** November 20, 2002 Okayama, Japan B 16 Years Old 156cm N46Div.
4th KanagawaDebut.jpg Kanagawa Saya 金川 紗耶 ** October 31, 2001 Hokkaido, Japan O 17 Years Old 164cm N46Div.
4th KitagawaDebut.jpg Kitagawa Yuri 北川悠理 ** August 8, 2001 Tokyo, Japan ** 17 Years Old 163cm N46Div.
4th ShibataDebut.jpg Shibata Yuna 柴田 柚菜 ** March 3, 2003 Chiba, Japan A 16 Years Old 160cm N46Div.
4th SeimiyaDebut.jpg Seimiya Rei 清宮 レイ ** August 1, 2003 Saitama, Japan O 15 Years Old 162cm N46Div.
4th TamuraDebut.jpg Tamura Mayu 田村 真佑 ** January 12, 1999 Saitama, Japan A 20 Years Old 158cm N46Div.
4th TsutsuiDebut.jpg Tsutsui Ayame 筒井 あやめ ** June 8, 2004 Aichi, Japan O 15 Years Old 160cm N46Div.
4th HayakawaDebut.jpg Hayakawa Seira 早川 聖来 ** August 24, 2000 Osaka, Japan A 18 Years Old 164cm N46Div.
4th YakuboDebut.jpg Yakubo Mio 矢久保 美緒 ** August 14, 2002 Tokyo, Japan B 16 Years Old 152cm N46Div.