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SNH48's Trainee (预备生 (Yùbèi Shēng), Kenkyuusei or Research Students). They currently have no trainees.

After SNH48 REQUEST TIME 4th Edition all of them were promoted members of a team that were degraded to this category for several reasons.



List of members who have debuted

  • Chen GuanHui (小艾 Xiao Ai) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Chen Si (陈教练 Coach Chen, 思思 SiSi) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Dai Meng (呆萌 Dai Meng) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Ding ZiYan (大媽 Da Ma) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Dong ZhiYi (空巨 Kong Ju, 空空 KongKong) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Gu XiangJun (香菇君 Xianggu Jun) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Jiang YuXi (蒋羽熙) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Kong XiaoYin (消音姐 Xiaoyin Jie) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Li YuQi (毛毛 MaoMao) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Mo Han (momo) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Qian BeiTing (消音姐 Xiaoyin Jie) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Qiu XinYi (湾湾 WanWan) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Tang Min (呆敏 Dai Min, 汤圆 Tangyuan) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Wu ZheHan (五折晗 Wu ZheHan) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Xu ChenChen (CC) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Xu JiaQi (Jeki, Kiki, 驼驼 Tuo Tuo) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Zhao JiaMin (Savoki) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Zhang YuGe (章鱼哥 Zhang YuGe) - 1st Generation (Team Unknown)
  • Jiang Yun (mirai酱 Mirai-chan) - 2nd Generation (Team SII)
  • Sun Rui (孙芮) - 2nd Generation (Team SII)
  • Shen ZhiLin (沈之琳) - 2nd Generation (Team SII)
  • Wen JingJie (草莓酱 Caomei Jiang, 晶晶 JingJing) - 2nd Generation (Team SII)
  • Yuan YuZhen (袁雨桢) - 2nd Generation (Team SII)
  • Xu ZiXuan (络络 LuoLuo) - 2nd Generation (Team SII)
  • Chen JiaYao (瑶瑶 YaoYao, 兜兜 DouDou) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Chen JiaYing (莹宝 Ying Bao) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Dong YanYun (董艳芸) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Feng XinDuo (那那西 Nanashi) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Gong ShiQi (龚17 Gong17) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Hu SiYi (夏木 Natsuki) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Huang TingTing (Kotete) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • He XiaoYu (晓晓 XiaoXiao) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Ju JingYi (小鞠凌 Xiao Ju Ling, kiku酱 Kiku-chan) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Luo Lan (Rola) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Lu SiQin (琴帝 Qin Di) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Lin SiYi (小四 Xiao Si) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Lu Ting (Lisa) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Li YiTong (李艺彤) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Meng Yue (船长 Chuanzhang) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Tang AnQi (Angel) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Wang JiaLu (萱萱 XuanXuan) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Wan LiNa (娜娜 Nana) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Wang YiJun (一郡 Yijun, 君君 JunJun) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Xu YanYu (Ame) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Yi JiaAi (守年 Shou Nian, 年哥 Nian Ge) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Yang YaRu (如如 RuRu) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Zhao Yue (悦悦 YueYue, 玉米 Yumi) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Zeng YanFen - (曾艳芬) - 2nd Generation (Team NII)
  • Gong XiaoHe (猫猫 MaoMao)- 3rd Generation (Team SII)
  • Yuan DanNi (大妮子 DaNiZhi) - 3rd Generation (Team SII)
  • Zhao Ye (腿腿 TuiTui)- 3rd Generation (Team SII)
  • Zeng LinYu (Vicky) - 3rd Generation (Team SII)
  • Li Xuan (三叶草 SanYeCao) - 3rd Generation (Team NII)
  • Zhang YuXin (叉叉 ChaCha) - 3rd Generation (Team NII)
  • Zhou ShuYan - 3rd Generation (Team NII)
  • Chen YiXin (嘟嘟 DuDu) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Han Meng (Amiko) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Hao WanQing - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Kang Xin - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Li DouDou - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Li QingYang Kuma - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Liang HuiWen (Lucky) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Lin Nan - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Liu JiongRan (小怪兽 XiaoGuaiShou) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Liu PeiXin (妮 Yu) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Wang BaiShuo (Sukey) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Wang Lu (璐宝 LuBao) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Wu YanWen (兔兔 TuTu) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Xie Ni (妮 Ni) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Xu Han (小乌龟 XiaoWuGui) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Xu YiRen - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • XuYang YuZhuo (绵羊 MianYang, 步美 Ayumi) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Yang HuiTing (Miyo) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Yang YinYu - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Zhang Xin - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Zhang XiYin - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Zhou QiuJun (14) - 3rd Generation (Team HII)
  • Wu ZheHan (五折晗) - 1st Generation (Team X)
  • Chen Lin (大头) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Feng XiaoFei (灰灰) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Li Jing (大米) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Li Zhao (桃子) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Sun JingYi (两块) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Shao XueCong (Coco) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Song XinRan (冉冉) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Sun XinWen(新闻) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Wang JiaLing (九九) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Wang Shu (Soku) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Wang XiaoJia (天草) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Xie TianYi (笨笨) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Yang BinYi (二水) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Yang MingJun (菌菇) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Yang YunYu (丸子) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Zhang DanSan (碳酸) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Zhang YunWen (蚊子) - 4th Generation (Team X)
  • Liu LiWei - 5th Generation (Team SII)
  • Liu ShiLei - 5th Generation (Team NII)
  • Shen MengYao - 5th Generation (Team HII)
  • Shen YueJiao - 5th Generation (Team SII)
  • Wang LuJiao - 5th Generation (Team HII)
  • Xu JiaLi - 5th Generation (Team SII)
  • Yuan Hang - 5th Generation (Team HII)
  • Zhou Yi - 5th Generation (Team NII)
  • Chen Ke (CK) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Chen MeiJun (Mimi) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Chen Yin (Karen, Yīn Bǎo, Xiǎo Yīn Yīn) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Chen YunLing (Chen YunLing) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Chen YuQi (Minaki, Dumpling (Tuánzi 团子)) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Du YuWei (Gālí) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Duan YiXuan (Yīshǎn) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Fei QinYuan (Yuán Yuán) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Feng XueYing (Shísān, Xuěgāo) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Gao YuanJing (Xiǎo Húlí) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Hong PeiYun (Pèiyé) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Hu XiaoHui (Liǎn Liǎn, Bāozi) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Jiang Shan (Shànzi, Jiāng Jiāng) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Jiang ShuTing (Zhūtí) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Lin JiaPei (Pèipèi, 小0 Xiǎo 0) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Liu MengYa (Mùyè) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Li QinJie (Qīnghuā, Mùzi) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Liu XiaoXiao (Yōuyōu, Dàdà) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Liu ZengYan (Zēng Guō, Zēng Zēng) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Pan YingQi (Xīngyǔ, Yǔyǔ) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Shi YuJie (Yùjiě) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Song SiXian (Xiàoxiào) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Song YuShan (Yǔsǎn) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Tian ShuLi (Tiántián, Shūfēi) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Xie LeiLei (Lěilěi) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Xiong SuJun (Xiaoxiong, Xiongxiong, Gongju Xiong ) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Yan JiaoJun (Yuanyuan, Xiao Cangshu) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Yu JiaYi - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Yang QingYing (La Tiao) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Zeng AiJia (Shizi, Ai Rui Shi) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Zhang HanXiao (Hanhan, Zheng Jiao, Xiao Ning) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Zou JiaJia (Xiao Zhuxiong) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Zhang KaiQi (A Biao) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Zhang WenJing (Xiao Pingguo) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Zhang Yi (Lizi) - 5th Generation (Team XII)
  • Cheng Jue (珏珏 JueJue, 蛋卷 DanJuan) - 6th Generation (Team SII)
  • Huang TongYang (UK) - 6th Generation (Team NII)
  • Sun ZhenNi (珍妮 Jenny) - 6th Generation (Team HII)
  • Wang JinMing (田田 TianTian, Dream) - 6th Generation (Team HII)
  • Lin YiNing (一零 YiLing) - 6th Generation (Team X)
  • Zhang JiaYu (沐沐 MuMu) - 6th Generation (Team X)
  • Li JiaEn (恩宝 EnBao, +n, 格格恩 GeGeEn) - 6th Generation (Team XII)
  • Lu MengYing (小笨蛋 XiaoBenDan) - 6th Generation (Team XII)
  • Lu Yi (番茄 Fanqie, 口口一 Kou Kou Yi) - 7th Generation (Team SII)
  • Pan YanQi (S, Pinky) - 7th Generation (Team SII)
  • Zhao HanQian (大钳子 Da Qianzi) - 7th Generation (Team SII)
  • Jiang ZhenYi (百合子 Yuriko) - 7th Generation (Team NII)
  • Liu JuZi (橘子 Juzi) - 7th Generation (Team NII)
  • Liu Ying (Yooyoung) - 7th Generation (Team NII)
  • Xu Yi (小言 Xiao Yan) - 7th Generation (Team NII)
  • Xu Zhen (余点 Yu Dian) - 7th Generation (Team NII)
  • Zhang YaMeng (丫丫 YaYa) - 7th Generation (Team NII)
  • Yuan YiQi (Yoki) - 7th Generation (Team HII)
  • Qi Jing (Sky) - 7th Generation (Team X)
  • Xu ShiQi (小七 Xiao Qi) - 7th Generation (Team XII)
  • Zeng XiaoWen (雯子 WenZi) - 7th Generation (Team XII)
  • Yao YiChun (纯纯 ChunChun) - 7th Generation (Team X)
  • Guo QianYun (小哥哥 XiaoGeGe) - 8th Generation (Team HII)
  • Tao BoEr (兮落 XiLuo) - 8th Generation (Team XII)
  • Wen Wen (小猴子 XiaoHouzi) - 8th Generation (Team HII)
  • Jin YingYue (金兔牙 JinTuYa) - 8th Generation (Team NII)
  • Zhao MengTing (工头 Gongtou) - 8th Generation (Team HII)
  • Lin XinYuan (木里 MuLi) - 8th Generation (Team XII)
  • He SuKun (方方兔 FangFang Tu) - 8th Generation (Team XII)
  • Xu JiaYi (梵梵 FanFan) - 8th Generation (Team XII)
  • Sun YaPing (小螃蟹 Xiao PangXie) - 8th Generation (Team X)
  • Wen JingJie (草莓 Caomei) - 2nd Generation (Team SII)


List of members who have transferred

Former Trainees

List of members who have graduated


# Stage name Date Performances
1 Give Me Power!
2013.01.12 - 2013.11.11 -
2 Theater no Megami
2013.11.02 - 2013.11.10 -

SNH48 Trainee' Songs on SNH48 Albums and EPs


SNH48 Trainee (June 2018)
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