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SKEBINGO! is an SKE48 show with the duo "Sanshiro" (Komiya Hironobu and Aida Shuuji) as host. The show started on January 21, 2019 (Nippon TV) / January 30, 2019 (Chukyo TV) and aired every Tuesday from 1:29am to 1:59am (Nippon TV) / Wednesday from 1:59am to 2:29am (Chukyo TV) Japan time.

Participated member at studio

SKE48 no Gakuya-banashi (SKE48の楽屋ばなし) segment

Japan domestic television broadcasting time

Broadcasting period Broadcast date and time Broadcaster Target area
January 22, 2019 - Tuesday 1:29-1:59 (Monday midnight) Nippon TV Kanto area
January 30, 2019 - Wednesday 1:59-2:29 (Tuesday midnight) Chukyo TV Chukyo area