Aoki Shiori

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Aoki Shiori
Aoki Shiori (2019)
Kanji 青木詩織
Kana あおき しおり
Romaji Aoki Shiori
Nickname Oshirin (おしりん)
Birth Info
Birthdate April 22, 1996  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Shizuoka, Japan
Blood type O
Current Age 27 Years Old
Height 153cm
Professional Info
Agency Zest Inc.
Social Networks 7gogo / Blog / Instagram / SHOWROOM / TikTok / Twitter / YouTube / YouTube
Idol Career Info
Group SKE48
Team Team KII
Debuted March 2013 / 6th Generation
Lightstick Colors
Blue Yellow

Aoki Shiori is the co-leader of SKE48's Team KII.


Who will you make your oshi? (Oshirin) Thank you. The fish girl that came from the Shizuoka prefecture. I’m Aoki Shiori, also known as Oshirin


  • Hobbies: Collecting maneki-neko, nail art, watching foreign series
  • Favorite food: Stew, rice, oranges, tuna from Yaizu, Amela tomatoes, pickled raddish
  • Least favorite food: Peppers, liver
  • Favorite phrase: 塵も積もれば山となる (Chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru; Many a little makes a mickle)
  • Special skills: Climbing poles, Japanese dance, calligraphy, balancing in a standing side split
  • Good friends with: Yano Azuki, Goto Mayuko, Arai Yuki, Fukushi Nao, Matsumura Kaori
  • Future ambition: Local talent in Shizuoka prefecture
  • Her mother named her "Shiori" because she wanted a name that contained the kanji , meaning weave.
  • Her nickname was created by Goto Mayuko.
  • She had a part time job before joining SKE48.
  • She learned traditional Japanese dance for many years growing up. She attended a Fujima-style dance school at a rehearsal hall in Shizukoa.
  • She was very shy in school. She recalls that at the beginning of high school she once lied face-down at her desk all through the break period because she didn't want to talk to anyone.
  • After passing the SKE48 audition she transferred high schools from her regular school in Shizuoka to a correspondence high school in Nagoya.
  • For several years she lived in housing provided by SKE48 management because her hometown in Shizuoka was too far to commute. Her roommate was Saito Makiko.
  • She is bad at cleaning her own room.
  • She loves pandas.
  • She is a homebody and prefers to spend her days off relaxing at home. She likes online shopping, video games, and watching idol performances.
  • She is known for cupping her right hand into a "U" shape during her self-introduction. She calls this the "oshiri" pose, and asks her fans to do it to show their support.
  • She calls her fanbase "Oshiri Mania".
  • Since August 12th, 2015 she have been commissioned as a "Yaizu Goodwill Ambassador" for Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
    • Her goal is to have a corner on a TV program in Shizuoka Prefecture and become a talent like Kubo Hitomi.
  • She and Arai Yuki have started many joint projects together as the combo "OshiYuki", such as:
    • On July 28th, 2019 they opened a joint TikTok account called "OshiYuki".
    • On October 16th, 2020 they opened a joint YouTube account as a celebration of their TikTok account passing 500,000 subscribers.
    • On June 30th, 2021 they began a collaboration with the fashion brand brand "kitson me", designing short-sleeved T-shirts and zip hoodie jackets.
    • She is such close friends with Yuki that she even moved to the same neighborhood Yuki lives in.

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Joined SKE48 as a Kenkyuusei on February 28, 2013
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SKE48 Zenkoku Tour ~Ki wa Juku Shita. Zenkoku e Ikou!~

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Aoki Shiori (2018)
Aoki Shiori 10th Senbatsu Election Poster (2018)
Aoki Shiori 9th Senbatsu Election Poster (2017)
Aoki Shiori (2017)
Aoki Shiori (December 2016)
Aoki Shiori (2016)
Aoki Shiori (December 2015)
Aoki Shiori (2015)
Aoki Shiori (2014)
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Aoki Shiori (2013)
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Aoki Shiori (Early 2013)


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