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Promotional Picture
CD+DVD Type-A (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-A (Regular Edition)
CD+DVD Type-B (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-B (Regular Edition)
CD Only (Theater Edition)


CD Information

Sakura no Ki ni Narou (桜の木になろう)
Release Date
Label/Catalog Number/Price
Label: You, Be Cool!/KING RECORDS
KIZM-90081/90082 (CD+DVD, Type-A Limited) / ¥1,600
KIZM-90083/90084 (CD+DVD Type-B Limited) / ¥1,600
KIZM-81/82 (CD+DVD, Type-A Regular) / ¥1,600
KIZM-83/84 (CD+DVD, Type-B Regular) / ¥1,600
NMAX-1104 (CD Only, Theater Edition) / ¥1,000

Regular Edition Details

  1. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (桜の木になろう) / Senbatsu
  2. Guuzen no Juujiro (偶然の十字路) / Undergirls (アンダーガールズ)
  3. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (off-vocal)
  4. Guuzen no Juujiro (off-vocal)
    • (Type-A Exclusive track) Kiss made no 100 Mile (off-vocal)
    • (Type-K Exclusive track) Area K (off-vocal)
  1. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (Complete Edition)
  2. Guuzen no Juujiro
    • (Type-A Exclusive track) Kiss made no 100 Mile Music Clip
    • (Type-B Exclusive track) Area K Music Clip
    • (Type-A Exclusive track) Bonus Movie: Serious Private-Clothes Fashion Check (Type-A)
    • (Type-B Exclusive track) Bonus Movie: Serious Private-Clothes Fashion Check (Type-B)

Theater Edition Details

  1. Sakura no Ki ni Narou
  2. Guuzen no Juujiro
  3. Ougon Center (黄金センター) / Kenkyuusei (AKB48研究生)
  4. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (off-vocal)
  5. Guuzen no Juujiro (off-vocal)
  6. Ougon Center (off-vocal)

Included Members

Sakura no Ki ni Narou

Senbatsu (16 Members, Members bolded are part of the Front Girls of this single, Maeda Atsuko Center)

Guuzen no Juujiro

Undergirls (18 Members)

Kiss Made 100 Mile

MINT (5 Members)

Area K

DIVA (18 Members)

Ougon Center

Team Kenkyuusei (24 Members)

General Information

Sakura no Ki ni Narou is AKB48's 20th Single.

the first single of 2011 will be yet another Sakura-themed Song (桜ソング), with its main topic being about graduations (卒業ソング). the new Graduation-themed song is said to have a completely different feel to the other Graduation Sakura Songs (10nen Zakura, Sakura no Hanabiratachi (+ 2008) and Sakura no Shiori)

Oricon Chart Positions

Date Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Sales
11.02.14 -- *1 *1 *1 *1 *1 *1 **1 942,479
11.02.21 *1 *3 *3 *3 *3 *3 *2 **3 *55,484
11.02.28 *2 *8 *6 *6 *6 *4 *5 **6 *24,519
11.03.07 *4 14 11 10 *8 *3 *3 **8 *11,105
11.03.14 *3 *9 11 10 10 *7 *6 **9 **5,973
11.03.21 *4 10 10 *4 *4 *4 *3 **4 **6,753
11.03.28 *3 *5 *5 *5 *5 *6 *3 **5 **5,987

Total Reported Sales: 1,081,686*
Total Sales in 2011: 1,079,460
Total Sales in 2012: 680*
Total of weeks charting inside Top 200: 7


  • After Chance no Junban, this single comes back with the same release pattern Beginner introduced of 2 Limited Editions and 2 Regular Editions, with the National Handshaking Events being part of the Limited Editions only.
  • Ihis single will be released exactly 1 year after Sakura no Shiori.
  • Following Chance no Junban, the Theatre Edition will once again include a new song. brining the total of new songs included in this single to five. this new song was once again a Kenkyuusei Original Song.
  • Once again, the artwork of this singled was in charge of recognized artists. the covers of the single were designed by the recognized design artist Morimoto Chie (森本千絵), while the PV was directed by the famous director Koreda Hirokazu (是枝裕和).
  • This single was originally planned to have a 21-nin Senbatsu, but was changed later on to the same 16-nin Senbatsu used for Beginner.
  • First time in AKB48 to include the exact same Members as Senbatsu for 2 Singles consecutive
  • Second AKB48 Single to ship 1,000,000 copies
  • This single outsold Beginner's first week, marking it as the highest first week numbers for AKB48 release so far.
  • The single sold 655,344 copies on its first day of release, which is the most that any artist has sold in a single day since Oricon started reporting daily sales in March 2009.
  • This was Oku Manami last single
  • This is the second AKB48 single to sell 1,000,000 copies. The first being Beginner.
  • "Sakura no Ki ni Narou" was N-TV Drama "Sakura Kara no Tegami ~AKB48 sorezore no Sotsugyou Monogatari~" Theme Song
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