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Ono Erena
Ono Erena (2013)
Kanji 小野恵令奈
Kana おの えれな
Romaji Ono Erena
Nickname Erepyon (えれぴょん)
Birth Info
Birthdate November 26, 1993  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Tokyo, Japan
Blood type A
Current Age 30 Years Old
Height 154cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks **
Idol Career Info
Former Group AKB48
Former Team Team K
Debuted April 2006 / 2nd Generation
Graduated September 2010

Ono Erena was a member of AKB48's Team K.


Kyou mo, ashita mo, asatte mo, KIRAKIRA POWER zenkai!
(Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, my sparkling power is at full throttle!)


  • Hobbies: Drawing manga and other illustrations, listening to music, taking photos with a camera, shopping
  • Special Skills: Darts, having soft hand joints
  • Favorite food: Muffins, cookies, Chiima cheese fish cake, karasumi
  • Least favorite food: Liver, eggplant, corriander
  • Favorite anime: "Onegai My Melody"
  • Favorite sport: Ping pong
  • Favorite movie: Edward Scissorhands
  • Favorite actor: Johnny Depp
  • Role model: Kikuchi Rinko
  • Favorite AKB48 Song: BINGO!, Sougen no Kiseki
  • Good friends with: Oku Manami, Masuyama Kayano, Fujie Reina, Kikuchi Ayaka, Miyazaki Miho
  • She is an only child.
  • She admires Team K's Akimoto Sayaka.
  • She claims that her first love was at 5 years old. She confessed to the boy, but she was rejected. His reason was that he didn't like cute girls.
  • She described herself as a crybaby. However, according to Oshima Mai and Shinoda Mariko, she stopped crying after the Himawarigumi 1st Stage.
  • Her dream when she joined AKB48 was to be an actress.
    • When she was in 4th grade of elementary school she went to the shooting site of a movie starring Yu Aoi, as an extra. That was when she decided she wanted to be a lead actress someday.
  • Since she joined AKB48 at the age of 12, she was often introduced as a "younger sister character". In a 2010 interview she said that she was happy to be called "younger sister" because she didn't have an older sibling herself.
  • She was characterized by her nasally voice and referred to herself in third person as "Erena" (something Japanese children often do). This, combined with her distinctive way of speaking, led to her often being imitated by Oshima Yuko, Minegishi Minami, and Shinoda Mariko in MCs.
  • While she was a member of AKB48 she said that she didn't want to be treated like a child, but didn't want to be treated like an adult either. In the lyrics to 16nin Shimai no Uta Akimoto Yasushi wrote about Erena: "An an idol in between childhood and adulthood, she's a blooming flower".
  • She wrote the title font on the CD jackets of Aitakatta, Oogoe Diamond, and Iiwake Maybe.
  • On April 28th, 2007 she made her debut as an actress in the movie "Ashita no Watashi no Tsukurikata".
  • She was the first person to talk to Matsui Jurina during dance lessons for Oogoe Diamond. She worried for Jurina, who was an elementary schooler like Erena had been when she joined AKB48.
  • In October 2008 she released her first photobook Erena~14 Sai no Natsu~. However, she unexpectedly struggled with fans leaving her, telling her they preferred her "little sister" character over her more mature figure in gravure and her changing personality.
    • At her 15th birthday celebration at the AKB48 theater she said, "When I was talking with the staff, I thought it was a joke, but they said, 'Ono was at her peak during the Team K 2nd Stage in 2006'. When I thought about it more I started to take it seriously and got really worried. AKB48 has a lot of people of the same [young] age as me, but I don't want to see them as rivals. I consulted Akimoto Yasushi, crying, and he told me "Don't worry, you'll be fine. Fans love your free-spirited, my-pace character, so you shouldn't try to make it up in a weird way.' ... The reason I was able to fix my thoughts was that I was encouraged by the letters from fans and the words "Do your best" at handshake events."
    • She continued to struggle with this until her graduation. In a 2009 interview with Quick Japan she said "Humans are creatures that change. But fans who have been supporting me since the Team K 1st Stage still say 'She's changed...' or 'The old Erepyon is gone...'. There may come an age when I can't say things like 'Kirakira Power!' or 'Erepyon' anymore. But I am the current Ono Erena, and I want to do my best without looking back."
    • At her 16th birthday celebration at the AKB48 theater she said to fans who were planning to leave her, "I'm ok with just being your 2nd or 3rd favorite...".
  • In April 2009 she performed the image song FIRST LOVE for the anime "SUPERFLAT FIRST LOVE", in which she collaborated with Louis Vuitton.
    • FIRST LOVE was later included on AKB48's 12th single Namida Surprise!. This made it the first original solo song included on an AKB48 single.
  • She, along with Miyazaki Miho and Watanabe Mayu, were regular members of the "AKRangers" segment on AKBINGO!. This segment was a parody of Super Sentai/Power Rangers. Erena played the Blue Ranger.
  • On an episode of AKBINGO! she revealed that ironically, she doesn't like singing very much.
  • She has received the score of 490 in darts (400 points is considered a high score for women).
  • She loves rock music. Her favorite artists are L'Arc-en-Ciel, RADWIMPS, BUMP OF CHICKEN, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, and Mr.Children.
  • She plays golf on occasion.
  • She likes Disneyland and used to have an annual pass.
  • She went on a two-week study aboard in England several days after graduating from AKB48.
  • She ended her contact with Ota Production on November 4th, 2010.
  • She began a contract with Repro Entertainment on October 30, 2011.
  • She worked as a solo idol after leaving AKB48. She announced her retirement from the entertainment industry altogether on July 1st, 2014.
  • She wrote the lyrics to her first solo song, Erepyon.
  • Her first solo song, Erepyon, was used as the opening song for the drama Legal High.
    • She appeared in the final episode of Legal High on June 26th, 2012. This was her first drama appearance since graduating from AKB48. She appeared in a light blue waitress uniform in several scenes.
  • In spring 2013 she played the lead role the TBS drama "Tank Top Fighter". She played a female college student who works as a bounty hunter to repay 100 million yen stolen by her father. She underwent a month of intensive training with an action team, practicing swimming, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, golf, and gymnastics.
  • She performed at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2013, three years before AKB48 performed there.

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Solo Singles

# Cover Title Release date
01 Erep1.jpg Erepyon
02 Eren1.jpg Erenyan
03 SayA.jpg Say!! Ippai
04 KimiONOA.jpg Kimi ga Anohi Waratteita Imi wo
05 FightingA.jpg Fighting☆Hero

Solo Albums

# Cover Title Release date
01 OnoErenaERENALimA.jpg ERENA 2013.06.19

Team History

Team K → Graduation
Joined AKB48 as a Team K member in February, 2006 (Debut: April 1, 2006)
Graduated from AKB48 Team K on September 27, 2010 (Announcement: July 11, 2010 at Surprise wa Arimasen)

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"Kami Kouen Yotei" AKB48 NHK Hall Concert 2009

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  • [2009.04.24] KIRA☆KIRA ONO ERENA TV
  • [2010.11.03] Sotsugyou ~AKB48 Ono Erena 4-nen Han no Shinjitsu
  • [2012.08.27] Erepyon The Movie (えれぴょん)

Media Appearances


  • Ashita no Watashi no Tsukurikata (あしたの私のつくり方) (2007)
  • Densen Uta (伝染歌) (2007)
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (ひぐらしのなく頃に) (2008)
  • Higurashi no naku koro ni: Chikai (ひぐらしのなく頃に誓) (2009)
  • Sankaku (さんかく) (2010)


  • ICE


  • Cat's Street (キャットストリート) (2008)
  • Majisuka Gakuen (マジスカ学園) (2010)

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Ono Erena (Early 2010)
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