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Unofficial Nogizaka46 Units refer to informally named Nogizaka46 units that are not credited in their respective songs.


WHITE HIGH is an unofficial Nogizaka46 unit created for the song Shibuya Blues, a coupling song from Nogizaka46's 4th single Seifuku no Mannequin.

The name comes from the kanji in the members' surnames: "WHITE" from Shiraishi's "白" and "HIGH" from Takayama's "高".

Seifuku no Mannequin

Shibuya Blues (2 Members)


Ashumina (あしゅみな) is an unofficial Nogizaka46 unit made up of two of the youngest members of the group's 1st Generation, born in 1998.

The name comes from a combination of both of the member's names: "Ashu (あしゅ)" being Asuka's nickname, and "Mina (みな)" coming from Minami.

In 2016, they starred in drama "Shoujo no Miru Yume." In 2019, they traveled together to Spain for the program "#NogizakaSekaiTabi Konno-san Hottoite yo! (#乃木坂世界旅 今野さんほっといてよ!)"

Taiyou Knock

Seifuku wo Nuide Sayonara wo... (2 Members)


Ikuihoshi (生生星) is an unofficial Nogizaka46 unit made up of the first row members for the group's debut single, Guru Guru Curtain.

The name comes from the first kanji in the members' surnames: "生" from both Ikoma and Ikuta, and "星" from Hoshino.

Seifuku no Mannequin

Koko Janai Doko ka (3 Members) (Ikoma Rina Center)

Umaretekara Hajimete Mita Yume

Mangetsu ga Kieta (3 Members)


Gosanke (御三家) is an unofficial Nogizaka46 unit made of 1st Generation members born in 1992, and were known as the most popular members at the beginning of the group.

In their music video for Kyuushamen, Shiraishi Mai played the drums, Matsumura Sayuri played the bass, and Hashimoto Nanami played the guitar in a three-piece band.

In the music video for Sayonara no Imi, in the last page of the book that Nishino Nanase is reading it says "Nevertheless, Gosanke is eternal (それでも、御三家は永遠だから)."

Harujion ga Sakukoro

Kyuushamen (3 Members) (Shiraishi Mai Center)

Onsen Trio

Onsen Trio (温泉トリオ) or "The three sisters of Steam" (湯けむり三姉妹) is an unofficial Nogizaka46 unit created for the song Gomen ne, Smoothie, a song from Nogizaka46's 3rd single Umaretekara Hajimete Mita Yume.

The trio name comes from a reference to an outing that the three members took in 2014. On December 25, 2013, after recording Nogizaka46's "no", they went out for dinner together and promised to spend Christmas together the next year as well. A year later, on December 25, 2014, it was revealed on a blog that the three of them went on a day trip to the hot springs as promised. Until 2013, it seemed that these three people were not particularly close.

Umaretekara Hajimete Mita Yume

Gomen ne, Smoothie (3 Members)

Hana no 94nen Gumi

Hana no 94nen Gumi (華の94年組) is an unofficial Nogizaka46 unit made up of the members born in 1994 that all celebrated their "Coming of Age" Ceremony together in 2015. Notably, the 1st Generation had more members born in 1994 than any other year.

Nandome no Aozora ka?

Toomawari no Aijou (8 Members) (Sakurai Reika & Nagashima Seira Center)