Tofu Pro Wrestling

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Tofu Pro Wrestling

Tofu Pro Wrestling (豆腐プロレス) is an AKB48 drama which was broadcasted between January 22nd and July 2nd in 2017. It included members of all Japanese 48 Groups existing at that point (AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 and NGT48).


  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Air time:
    • Episodes 1-10: Sundays 00:35 - 01:00
    • Episodes 11-24: Sundays 00:05 - 00:30
  • Opening song: Shoot Sign by AKB48


Miyawaki Yohei was a professional wrestler, who opened his own tofu shop after his retirement. He always tried to get his daughter Sakura interested in Pro Wrestling, but she never cared for it. Then the day came when he unexpectedly died, and Sakura inherited his dojo and tofu shop. Yasagi Eiichirou claims Sakura's father died without having paid his debt to her and the only way Sakura can repay this debt is if she wins the WIP (World Idol Pro Wrestling) championship. Together with his father's assistant, Yokoyama Yui, she opens the dojo again and trains together with her friends and girls from school.

Two live events were held after the show has finished airing: "The Real 2017 WIP CLIMAX" and "The Real 2018 WIP QUEENDOM".


Main Characters

  • Miyawaki Sakura as herself (Cherry Miyawaki) as part of the Kinshicho Dojo
  • Matsui Jurina as herself (Hollywood Jurina) as part of the Shirogane Gym

Kinshicho Dojo

  • Mukaichi Mion as herself (Strawberry Mukaichi) (later joined the Shirogane Gym and changed her name)
  • Yokoyama Yui as herself (Long Speech Yokoyama)
  • Kizaki Yuria as herself (Pappara Kizaki)
  • Kato Rena as herself (Cutie Renacchi)
  • Furuhata Nao as herself (Sax Furuhata)
  • Sugawara Daikichi as Miyawaki Yohei (Sakura's father / Uroboros Yohei)

Shirogane Gym

Episode Guide

Episode Name Plot Air Date
1 Fight, school girls (戦え女子高生) January 22, 2017
2 More sweating than crying (泣きべそより汗をかけ) January 29, 2017
3 Welcome to WIP (ようこそ WIPへ) February 2, 2017
4 Jumping Sakura (ジャンピン サクラ) February 12, 2017
5 Chop! Chop! Chop! (チョップ!チョップ!チョップ!) February 19, 2017
6 Who are the two stronges people!?(最強のふたり!?) February 26, 2017
7 Jurina's Selection (JURINAの選択) March 5, 2017
8 I won't give up until the gong (ゴングまでまてない) March 12, 2017
9 Clash! Dojo Match!! (激突!道場マッチ!!) March 19,2017
10 What's on the Ring? (リングの上には何がある?) March 26, 2017
11 What Happened to Mion? (美音に何が起こったか) April 2, 2017
12 DEAD OR ALIVE (DEAD OR ALIVE) April 9, 2017
13 Ah!! The Flower on the Construction Site (嗚呼!!花の工事現場同盟) April 16, 2017
14 Revenge Match (リベンジマッチ) April 23, 2017
15 Koi Suru Pro Wrestling (恋するプロレス) April 30, 2017
16 Beginning of the Match, Battle Royal! (地獄の始まり、バトルロイヤル!) May 7, 2017
17 The Elbow can't shoot!? (エルボーが撃てない!?) May 14, 2017
18 Graduation if you win, Graduation if you lose!? (負けたら卒業、勝っても卒業!?) May 21, 2017
19 Coconut (ココロノメ) May 28, 2017
20 This is the Way Jurina Lives (これがJURINAの生きる道) June 4, 2017
21 Daughter and Disciple Showdown on the Same Day (娘と弟子の同門対決) June 11, 2017
22 Dear Yumbo Shimada-sama (拝啓、ユンボ島田様) June 18, 2017
23 I thought I came to Tofu... (思えば豆腐へ来たもんだ) June 25, 2017
24 The biggest Tofu Pro Wrestling (最っ高の豆腐プロレス) July 2, 2017

The Real 2017 WIP CLIMAX

On 29th August 2017, a live event was held in Korakuen Hall. The cast members of the Television drama (with a few added members) fought live in the hall in front of a live audience. Kodama Haruka did not participate as she dropped out of the series in the beginning due to health problems.

Added members

Dropped out members


Winner (team) in bold

  • Saho Iwatachi VS Tornado Tatsumaki
  • Katsuo Hirose, Ottamage Ma and Mad Dogg Miyazaki VS Cutie Renacchi, Pappara Kizaki and MAX Nakai
  • Baton Katomina, Komanechi Yumoto and Bird Takayanagi VS Miracle Shizuka, Guigui Nakanishi and Octopus Suda
  • Sax Furuhata VS Jumbo Sato VS Blackberry Mukaichi VS Ikemen Momoka VS Hidariue Seichan VS Professor Takita VS Voice Yamada
  • Yabakune Taniguchi, Diva Odaeri VS Shark Komiyama and Mo~ Mo~ Kawamoto
  • Yumbo Shimada, Kuiuchi Matsumura VS Debbie Kong and Shelly Yamanaka
  • Long Speech Yokoyama and Cherry Miyawaki VS Hollywood Jurina and Dotonbori Shiroma

The Real 2018 WIP QUEENDOM

On 23rd February 2018, a second live event was held in the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium. The participating members were mostly the same as from the first event, with a few added and a few removed members.

Added members

Dropped out members


  • Bird Takayanagi, Baton Katomina and Tornado Tatsumaki VS Bubbly Arai, Kendo Matsumoto and Match Otoha
  • Michael Shimoguchi and Everybody Nao VS Guigui Nakanishi and Miracle Shizuka
  • Sax Furuhata, Strawberry Mukaichi, MAX Nakai and Professor Takita VS Mad Dogg Miyazaki, Hidariue Seichan, Ottamage Ma and Katsuo Hirose
  • Diva Odaeri VS Jumbo Sato
  • Yabakuna Taniguchi VS Komanechi Yumoto
  • Kuiuchi Matsumura, Voice Yamada and Anti-Slip Makiko VS Long Speech Yokoyama, Mo~ Mo~ Kawamoto and Aja Kong
  • Dotonbori Shiroma and Octopus Suda VS Hollywood Jurina and Shark Komiyama


  • Kodama Haruka already left the show after the first episode. She was Jurina's original wrestling partner but was then replaced by Shiroma Miru.