Itoshisa no Accel

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Studio Recordings Collection
CD+DVD Type-B (Limited Edition)

Itoshisa no Accel is a song from Team A 6th Stage, by Takahashi Minami. The song is also included in No Sleeves's 6th single Answer.


Nonaka "Masa" Yuichi
Kanji Title
Romaji Title
Itoshisa no AKUSERU
English Title
Love accelerator

Answer (No Sleeves)

Team A 6th Stage

Lyrics can be found here.

Performing Members

Takahashi Minami

AKB48 Request Hour

Concert Units

Oshima Yuko
Matsui Jurina
Yokoyama Yui


Inside story told by Takamina on the radio show "Konya wa Kaeranai" (translated by ohno@the S48 forums ):

After A6's shonichi, Takamina asked Akimoto-sensei for his impressions on the stage. Akimoto said, "I was left with a loss for words when I saw Takahashi with a sword hanging by her waist". "But I practiced so much", she thought. The truth is, when Akimoto was thinking about what type of solo to give Takamina, he decided to write an anime type of song for her. "Let's have her hold a sword", he told the staff. So, when Takamina heard the news, she practiced swordplay for her dear life. But when Akimoto was in the process of writing the lyrics for Takamina's solo, he changed his mind and decided to give her a Nakamori Akina type of song instead. Thus, the song changed into a love song midway through. And the reason why Takamina continued to perform with a lightsaber, even though it didn't match the lyrics, was because Akimoto forgot to tell the staff about the changes