Majimuri Gakuen - LOUDNESS

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Majimuri Gakuen - LOUDNESS (マジムリ学園LOUDNESS) is a stage play to be performed by AKB48. It will be performed from August 20th to 29th, 2021, at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball.


Main Cast

Arechi Kougyou Koukou
Arashi Gaoka Gakuen Seitokai

Guest Appearances

Preamble & Opening Performance

Birthday Performance


  • This stage play is based on the TV drama of the same name, Majimuri Gakuen.
  • Team 8 also performed a stage play titled Majimuri Gakuen - RAI.
  • Kubo Satone was meant to play the character of Richter, but was identified as a close contact to a person who tested positive for COVID-19. Because of this, she had to enter self-isolation and was unable to participate in rehearsals. She was replaced by Kitazawa Saki.
  • Muto Orin tested positive for COVID-19. Although Muto Tomu was in a different location and therefore not a close contact, she took a test, which turned out negative. However, while waiting for the official results, she missed rehearsals and was not ready by the time of the start. She was replaced by Imamura Hana, a member of the production team, from August 20th to 22nd. Tomu performed her role as Queen Bee from August 24th to 29th.