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Second Generation is an AKB48 unit created at the Request Hour 2021.

It is different compared to the Original Team K members, also known as AKB48's second generation (2期, 2ki in Japanese). Members of the Second Generation consist of members that debuted in or after 2014 (16th Generation, 2nd Draft, 3rd Draft, Ma Chia-Ling and members of Team 8).

They released a song for AKB48's 58th single Ne mo Ha mo Rumor, called Oosawagi Tengoku.


Ne mo Ha mo Rumor

Oosawagi Tengoku (29 members)

Concerts and Performances

# Title Date
01 AKB48 Ouchi de Member Request Hour 2021
02 AKB48 THE AUDISHOW 2021.06.13
03 TOKYO IDOL PROJECT x @JAM New Year Premium Party 2022
(TOKYO IDOL PROJECT×@JAMニューイヤープレミアムパーティー2022)
04 Shinshun! AKB48 Fresh Concert 2022 ~Fuyu mo Yappari AKB!~
(新春!AKB48フレッシュコンサート2022 〜冬もやっぱりAKB!〜)