Dawn in Naples

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Promotional Image
CD Type-A (Standard Edition)
CD Type-B (Standard Edition)
CD Type-C (Standard Edition)

CD Information

Dawn in Naples (那不勒斯的黎明)
Release Date
Catalog Number/Price
Label: Siba Group
SNH11100989 (Deluxe Edition Type-A, CD) / 288元
SNH11100989 (Deluxe Edition Type-C, CD) / 288元
SNH11100990 (Standard Edition Type-A, CD) / 78元
SNH11100990 (Standard Edition Type-B, CD) / 78元
SNH11100990 (Standard Edition Type-C, CD) / 78元
SNH11100991 (Support Edition) / 78元
SNH11101030 (Heavy Edition, CD) / 480元

Tracklist Details

  1. Dawn in Naples (那不勒斯的黎明) / Top Girls
  2. Glorious Times (絢麗時代) / Undergirls
  3. Memories with You & I (记忆中的你我) / Next Girls
  4. Rongzhuang Xinyang (戎裝信仰) / Future Girls
  5. Wo Xin Aoxiang (我心翱翔) / SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48
  6. Dawn in Naples (off-vocal)
  7. Glorious Times (off-vocal)
  8. Memories with You & I (off-vocal)
  9. Rongzhuang Xinyang (off-vocal)
  10. Wo Xin Aoxiang (off-vocal)

Included Members

"Dawn in Naples"

Top Girls (高飞组) (16 Members) (Ju JingYi Center)

"Glorious Times"

Undergirls (梦想组) (16 Members) (Wan LiNa Center)

"Memories with You & I"

Next Girls (起飞组) (16 Members) (Yuan Hang Center)

"Rongzhuang Xinyang"

Future Girls (奔跑组) (18 Members) (Hong PeiYun Center)

"Wo Xin Aoxiang"

SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48 (SNH48 Group) (271 Members) (Ju JingYi Center)

General Information

Dawn in Naples is the 17th EP released by SNH48.


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