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1st Generation Future Girls
2nd Generation Future Girls
3rd Generation Future Girls
4th Generation Future Girls
5th Generation Future Girls
6th Generation Future Girls
7th Generation Future Girls

Future Girls (Japanese: フューチャーガールズ, Mandarin: 奔跑组) is a unit from AKB48 and SNH48 singles, featuring the members who ranked between the #49 and #64 positions in the Senbatsu Election. The unit appeared for the first time in the song Show Fight!, a coupling song from AKB48's 27th single Gingham Check.

In SNH48 the unit featuring the members who ranked between the #49 and #66 positions, because the 64 is considered bad luck and has political issues.


Future Girls of AKB48

1st Generation

Show Fight! (Gingham Check) (16 Members (49#~64#))

2nd Generation

Suitei Marmalade (Koi Suru Fortune Cookie) (16 Members (49#~64#))

3rd Generation

Seikaku ga Warui Onna no Ko (Kokoro no Placard) (16 Members (49#~64#))

4th Generation

Kimi ni Wedding Dress wo... (Halloween Night) (16 Members (49#~64#))

5th Generation

Kishi ga Mieru Umi Kara (LOVE TRIP / Shiawase wo Wakenasai) (16 Members (49#~64#))

6th Generation

Jibuntachi no Koi ni Kagitte (#SukiNanda) (16 Members (49#~64#))

7th Generation

Future Girls of SNH48

SNH48 1st Generation Future Girls

1st Generation

Rongzhuang Xinyang (Dawn in Naples) (18 members (#49~#66))

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