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Miyazawa Sae
Miyazawa Sae (2017)
Kanji 宮澤佐江
Kana みやざわ さえ
Romaji Miyazawa Sae
Nickname Sae (さえ), Sae-chan (さえちゃん)
Birth Info
Birthdate August 13, 1990  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Tokyo, Japan
Blood type O
Current Age 31 Years Old
Height 165cm
Professional Info
Agency Hori Pro
Social Networks Ameblo / Instagram / Twitter
Idol Career Info
Former Group SNH48 / SKE48
Former Team Team Kaigai (Team SII) / Team S
Debuted February 2006 / AKB48 2nd Generation
Graduated April 2016

Miyazawa Sae was a member of SNH48's Team SII and concurrently a member of SKE48's Team S. She is now affiliated with Horipro.


Catchphrase (AKB48)

陽気・無邪気・元気! 31歳の宮澤佐江です。よろしくお願いします。
Youki - mujaki - genki! 31-sai no Miyazawa Sae desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
(Cheerful, innocent, energetic! I'm Miyazawa Sae, 31 years old. Please be nice to me)

Catchphrase (SKE48)

はい!みんなさん。。。右上げて!「はい!」左上げて!「はい!」せーの。。。てばさき! 宮澤佐江です。よろしくお願いします。
Hai! Mina-san migi agete! "Hai!" Hidari agete! "Hai!" se-no... tebasaki! Miyazawa Sae desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
(Yes! Everyone, put your right hand up! "Yes!" Put your left hand up! "Yes!" 1, 2... Chicken wings! I am Miyazawa Sae. Please be nice to me.)


  • Audition song: glitter by Shibasaki Kou
  • Special skills: Eating corn and meat off of bones very cleanly
  • Hobbies: Eating (sometimes she mentions cleaning her ears)
  • Favorite artist: Yanai Aiko (subject to frequent change)
  • Favorite color: Rainbow (all colors)
  • Favorite food: Noodles, rice cake-like food
  • Favorite scent: Fabric softener
  • Good friends with: Akimoto Sayaka (SaeYaka/Twin Tower), Oshima Yuko (SaeYuu), Kashiwagi Yuki (SaeYuki), Suzuki Mariya (SaeYannu)
    • Has a good relationship with Suzuki Mariya because of being transferred to SNH48 together
  • Future ambition: Actress, owning a big house
  • Former member of Chocolove from AKB48 and DiVA
  • Former member of Culture Club
  • Light Stick Colors: Yellow, Light Blue
  • She failed AKB48's 1st generation auditions due to missing the application deadline, and also nearly failed 2nd generation auditions due to incomplete application documents
  • She has two older brothers, "Ryo-kun" and "Shi-chan".
    • Her oldest brother "Ryo-kun" auditioned for EXILE.
    • Her second oldest brother "Shi-chan" is close with Sae and occasionally appeared in photographs on her blog. He was considered handsome, and one of Sae's female fans once asked her if she could make a fanclub for Shi-chan.
  • Her mother is a former singer, and her father used to participate in children's TV shows.
  • Her uncle is a former gymnast.
  • Her parents originally wanted to name her "Reimi", but due to a fortune reading that this name would make her a tomboy, they changed her name to "Sae". The change was in vain, as Sae grew up to be rather tomboyish regardless.
  • Her name is spelled with the character for "Zawa", but since this character can display differently on different computer operating systems, on many mobile sites and media images it is written using the more common character instead.
  • During school she learned to play the piano from 1st to 6th grade, tap dance from 3rd to 9th grade, and was in the basketball club.
  • She is good at bowling.
  • She attended the same dance academy as Tano Yuka. However, due to their age difference they did not know each other at the time.
  • She is known for her energetic, open, and friendly personality, earning her the nickname "Genking" from genki ("energetic") and "king".
    • Her friendliness has touched the hearts of many fellow members. Kashiwagi Yuki stated that Sae is the only senior member she was able to get close to. Umeda Ayaka said that she used to see all of her teammates as rivals, until Sae warmly reached out to her after Ayaka got injured. Masuda Yuka recalled a moment where she was having trouble, and cried in the bathroom, but Sae noticed her absence and waited outside the bathroom for her so they could return to the practice room together.
    • She is also very emotional and empathetic, often crying for others. She says she cries at least once a week, without knowing why.
  • She is also often described as boyish, which is reflected in her image as an "ikemen idol". She kept short hair for most of her idol career, and was very popular on Danso (crossdressing) segments of AKBINGO!.
  • She is known for her good leadership skills and counseling of younger members.
    • Nito Moeno once revealed that there was a Miyazawa Fan Club among the AKB48 Kenkyuusei.
    • In SNH48, she was first utilized as a assistant performance coach. A TV show depicted her scolding the entire group for unprofessional behavior.
    • Matsui Jurina has praised her leadership during her time with SKE48, both for the team and the group in general.
  • Her eccentric fashion sense was regularly belittled on AKBINGO! fashion segments. However, she claims that her outfits are fashionable, and better than some other members'.
  • She is good at writing thoughtful text messages and emails. She won the Beautiful Mail Queen contest on AKBINGO! twice, and ranked 2nd in the two other contests.
  • She tends to misspell English words (such as "RISET" instead of "RESET", "DiVE" instead of "DiVA", "famiry", etc.), and admitted her Kanji reading abilities are poor as well.
  • Her favorite manga is We Were There (Bokura ga Ita)
  • She expressed that she is insecure about the curved shape of her nostrils.
  • She forms the unofficial Sanmon unit together with Kitahara Rie and Yokoyama Yui.
  • In 2009 she shot her first photobook, Kanojo. The photobook was shot entirely in Cambodia.
  • On January 10th, 2011, she attended her Coming of Age Day ceremony (Seijinshiki) with Sato Amina, Sato Natsuki, Katayama Haruka, Nakata Chisato, Matsubara Natsumi and Matsui Sakiko.
  • She only centered two songs in her career: Kiseki wa ma ni Awanai and Ai no Iro.
    • After her transfer to SNH48, fans missed having Sae as a member of AKB48 so much that they voted for Kiseki wa ma ni Awanai in Request Hour 2013. The song ranked #2 that year. It then won first place in 2016, one month after Sae announced that she would be graduating.
    • Kiseki wa Ma ni Awanai is the best ranking stage unit song in the history of AKB48 Request Hour.
  • Allegedly, she didn't know about her transfer to Team S until AKB48 Group Daisokaku Matsuri, during which she was on her way home and received a phone call by Sato Mieko live on stage.
  • She was the first member transferred between sister groups to become leader of her new team.
  • Due to work permit problems, she had to wait for her stage debut with SNH48 for more than 1 year.
  • Her cancelling her concurrent position with AKB48's Team K received much criticism from the fandom.
  • She was known to have an extreme bias for SKE48 member Kitagawa Ryoha, who happened to be a big fan of Sae as well.
  • She announced her graduation during the nation-wide broadcast of music show "FNS".
  • She was the second member to announce graduation while holding a concurrent position, but she was the first member to graduate from her concurrent group/team after graduating from her first group/team.

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Team History

Team KSNH48SNH48 and Team KSNH48Team SIITeam SII and Team S → Graduation
Joined AKB48 as a Team K member on February, 2006
Became a Team Kaigai member on August 24, 2012 (Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle), joining SNH48 (Debut: October 11, 2013)
Had a Concurrent Position on AKB48's Team K from April 28, 2013 (AKB48 Group Rinji Soukai) to June 8, 2013 (5th Senbatsu Sousenkyo), when her concurrent position was cancelled
Promoted to Team SII on November 11, 2013
Had a Concurrent Position with SKE48's Team S from February 24, 2014 (AKB48 Group Daisokaku Matsuri) to April 1, 2016 (Last Theater Performance: March 31, 2016)
Graduated from SNH48 Team SII on March 16, 2016 (Announcement: December 16, 2015 | Graduation Ceremony: March 4, 2016 at Nippon Gaishi Hall)

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AKB48 First Concert "Aitakatta ~Hashira wa Naize!~"

AKB48 Masaka, Kono Concert no Ongen wa Ryuushutsushinai yo ne?

Nenwasure Kanshasai Shuffle Sumaze, AKB! SKE mo Yoroshiku ne

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AKB48 Manatsu no Tandoku Concert in SSA 〜Kawaei-san no Koto ga Suki Deshita〜

Minna, Nakunjaneezo. Miyazawa Sae Graduation Concert in Nippon Gaishi Hall

Team K 2nd Generation 10th Anniversary Celebration Special Performance

Solo Songs


Solo DVDs

Media Appearances

Stage Plays


  • Densen Uta (2007)
  • Three-Day Boys (スリーデイボーイズ) (2009)
  • Kōkō Debut (高校デビュー) (2012)
  • Ultraman Saga (2012)


  • Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata (正しい王子のつくり方) (2008)
  • Koi Zora (恋空) (2008)
  • Tetsudou Musume~Girls be ambitious~ (鉄道むすめ~Girls be ambitious~) (2008)
  • Ai no Gekijō Love Letter (愛の劇場 ラブレター) (2008~2009)
  • Majisuka Gakuen (マジスカ学園) (2010)
  • Arienai (あり得ない) (2010)
  • Sakura Kara no Tegami (桜からの手紙) (2011)
  • Majisuka Gakuen 2 (マジスカ学園2) (2011)
  • Counter no Futari (カウンターのふたり シーズン) (2012)
  • Detarame Hero (でたらめヒーロー) (2013)
  • Dr. Nurse Aide (Dr.ナースエイド) (2014)

Variety Shows

Other TV Shows

  • Sukkiri!! Mamma mia, 日本テレビ (スッキリ!!となりのマンマミーア) (2008)
  • Maniac Mansion (2008)
  • G.I. Goro (2010)
  • DERO! (密室謎解きバラエティー 脱出ゲームDERO!) (2010)
  • Quiz Hexagon (2010)
  • The BLOCKS (2011)
  • Tosochu (Run for Money) (2012)
  • Namauma (2012)
  • PON! (2012)
  • Bakusho! Dainippon Akan Kesatsu (2012)
  • Shibuya Deep A (2012/2013)
  • Umazuki! (2012-13, recurring)
  • Sekai no Mura de Hakken! Konnatokoro ni Nihonjin (2013)
  • NEP-league (2013)
  • Shumi no Engei Yasai no Jikan (2014)
  • Wagamama! Kimama! Tabi Kibun (2015)
  • MUJACK (2013 - 2016)


Miyazawa Sae (2015) (SKE48)
Miyazawa Sae's graduation in Nippon Gaishi Hall (2016)
Miyazawa Sae (December 2015) (SKE48)
Miyazawa Sae (2014) (SNH48)
Miyazawa Sae (2014) (SKE48)
Miyazawa Sae (November 2013) (SNH48)
Miyazawa Sae (May 2013) (SNH48)
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Miyazawa Sae (2013) (SNH48)
Miyazawa sae2013.jpg
Miyazawa Sae (2013) (AKB48)
Miyazawa Sae (2012) (SNH48)
Miyazawa sae2012.jpg
Miyazawa Sae (2012) (AKB48)
Miyazawa Sae as a member of DiVA (2012)
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Miyazawa Sae (2011)
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Miyazawa Sae (Late 2010)
Miyazawa Sae (Early 2010)
Miyazawa Sae (2009)
Miyazawa Sae (Late 2008)
Miyazawa Sae (Early 2008)
Miyazawa Sae (Late 2007)
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Miyazawa Sae (Late 2006)
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