AKB48 Group Third Singing Contest

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The AKB48 Group Second Singing Contest will be held on December 1, 2020, in Akasaka ACT Theater. The top 8 members will have a documentary released about them as well as perform in concert. The overall winner will receive a solo song written by Akimoto Yasushi.

Selected Members

  1. Ikeda Yura
  • Note: Except for the winner, the order is not according to rank.

Qualifications Round

01. Akiyoshi Yuka (HKT48 Team H)
02. Ikeda Yura (STU48 Kenkyuusei)
03. Yano Honoka (STU48)
04. Nojima Kano (SKE48 Team S)
05. Yamasaki Amiru (NMB48 Team N)
06. Okada Nana (AKB48 Team 4 / STU48)
07. Yamauchi Suzuran (SKE48 Team S)
08. Kojima Aiko (STU48 Kenkyuusei)
08. Mimura Hino (NGT Kenkyuusei)
10. Shimizu Sara (STU48 Kenkyuusei)
11. Furuhata Nao (SKE48 Team KII)
11. Takayanagi Akane (SKE48 Team KII)
13. Mineyoshi Arisa (STU48)
14. Sakamoto Erena (HKT48 Team TII)
14. Oda Erina (AKB48 Team 8 / AKB48 Team K)

Jury Recommendations

General Information

Concert Setlist


Participating Members