Tokyo Idol Festival 2018

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The Tokyo Idol Festival is an annual event held in Tokyo, hosting different idol groups. The event was held in 2018 on the weekend from August 3rd to August 5th. Various idol groups performed at the same time on different stages set up for the event.

Day 1

STU48 (Smile Garden) 13:05-13:25

AKB48 (Hot Stage) Senbatsu 16:10-16:40

STU48 (Hot Stage) 18:10-18:40

Day 2

NMB48 (Hot Stage) 10:50-11:20

AKB48 (Hot Stage) Team 8 11:45-12:15

BNK48 (Sky Stage) 12:55-13:10

AKB48 (Smile Garden) Fresh Senbatsu 14:30-14:50

AKB48 (Doll Factory) Fresh Senbatsu 16:20-16:40

BNK48 (Smile Garden) 16:40-17:00

Day 3

SKE48 (Hot Stage) 10:50-11:20

NGT48 (Hot Stage) 11:25-11:55

HKT48 (Dream Stage) 14:55-15:15

HKT48 (Hot Stage) 19:00-19:30